8 Miles From Home. Not 80, Not 800.

But just 8 miles from our home in England, our car broke down and left us stranded. We talked a lot, and decided it was time to get a dog, move abroad, change our jobs and make movies about it… Read the whole story!

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  • Every person who laid eyes on this view said, ‘this is my dream house’ I’d love to live here!
We stayed at @hansarpranburi for my Birthday week and there were some days when we had the resort all to ourselves.
The infinity pool and the sea were both warm and we had fantastic weather.
For me, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect experience.
Interestingly the whole resort was actually someone’s house in the past! So whoever sold it must’ve been crazy 😜 or knows something we don’t 😂#thailand #thailuxury #pranburi #dreamhouse #infinitypool #houseonthebeach #8milesfromhome #luxuryhotelsworld #instathailand #secrethotels #hotelthailand #hansarpranburi #hansar #hansarhotel
  • Believe it or not this car is now 48 years old & has once again been getting us around the country.  Whether it's job is to get us up & over the hills of North Thailand or park up, looking good outside of luxury hotels in Bangkok, this little car has always been & still is, up for adventures, just like our little girl!
#travelthailand #travelwithkids #hansarbangkok #fordescort #thewandering8 #bangkokthailand #luxuryhotel #fordmk1 #mk1escort #carrestoration
  • Best way to cool off after a hot day exploring Bangkok. There’s something special about high rise living when you’re in the big cities.
The edge side swimming pools, gyms and fitness centers make up for the lack of garden space.
I’ll always revert to being a nature girl with wide open spaces, but I can definitely feel at home like this for a while too.#livinginbangkok #bangkokliving #hansarbangkok #hansarhotel #highriseliving #skytower #skyscraper #bangkokthailand #bangkok #storyember #8milesfromhome #thewandering8 #travelwithkids #worldschoolers
  • Definitely the main attraction for us visiting Bangkok is Lumphini park. We took Story one morning before it got too hot and she absolutely loved meeting the resident monitor lizards 🦎
We paddled on the lake In a swan peddlo and saw 12 of them just sleeping and swimming around the edges.
It’s free to get in and there’s even a little car park for 20 baht. Highly recommended if you’ve only got 24 hours in bkk.#lumphini #lumphinipark #3yearsold #storyember #bangkok #24hoursinbangkok #8milesfromhome #thewandering8 #monitorlizards #thailand #citylifestyle #instathailand #worldschooling #bangkokthailand #travelwithkids #bkkkids
  • Change change change. We’ve mentioned before that the only true way to give our daughter stability is to teach her adaptability. To make her comfortable with change.Story has proven to us on this trip through Thailand, that she is already an expert traveler at 3 years old.Whether she is in a beautiful luxury tower hotel in the city of Bangkok, or a basic box room barely big enough for our luggage. She will laugh, play, eat and sleep as if there were no difference.Honestly there have been moments when her willingness to accept the struggles of travel, have brought us both to tears because we feel so proud of her.
We stayed in a pretty ropey place 2 nights ago. So right now after a 9 hour drive in a hot noisy car, Story is enjoying a bit of pampering by the staff at @hansar_bangkok who laid out a biscuit garden welcome dish just for her with her name on it 🤩Three cheers for our epic explorer. Learning how to navigate this beautifully difficult contrasting world.#travelwithkids #worldschooling #bangkok #3yearsold #storyember #hansarbangkok #8milesfromhome #thewandering8 #changeistheonlyconstant #adaptability #bangkokhotel #travelthailand
  • Serenity. That is the word to describe the feeling of our stay in Pai. Do you ever find yourself somewhere that just. feels. right?
We have visited this town 10 times since we first discovered it 15 years ago & each time we come back, the feeling is the same. A feeling of home hits us as we stare out over the rice fields of North Thailand. Although a very popular place with fellow travelers , there are parts you can go to where it feels like you have the world to yourself & I just love it.
#paithailand #pai #thailand #travelthailand #balcony #thai #instathailand #ricefieldsthailand #norththailand #thewandering8 #8milesfromhome
  • One of our favourite things to do in Chiang Mai is to head up to the top of Doi Suthep, past the famous temple always heaving with tourists & instead, visit the gardens of Doi Pui. A much calmer experience & such a lovely place to take photos. On the way back down we went into Wat Pha Lat, the forest temple, where there were just a handful of others, seeking some peace from the city.
Have you ever visited Chiang Mai? Where is your go to place?
#travelthailand #chiangmaithailand #travelwithkids #doipui #avoidthecrowds #asianadventure #8milesfromhome #thewandering8 #worldschoolers
  • The nostalgia hit us hard at this beautiful temple. We think it’s one of the best in the whole country and it holds many dear memories for us.If you haven’t already, go to YouTube and search ‘Thailand The Elephant Story’ to see our beautiful video of this amazing place and the reasons why it’s so special.#watphasornkaew #phitsanulok #thailand #travelwithkids #thailandtravel #youtubefamily #thailand🇹🇭 #instathailand #familyvloggers
  • Back where it all began. Little did we know on our round the world trip almost 15 years ago, this little cafe would leave such a mark in our minds, that one rainy night in England as we reminisced on our travels, the seeds of thought to move to Thailand were planted, as we remembered the unique wooden cafe in the hills of Pai, playing jazz music.
We had to return with Story on this trip to sit & enjoy a coffee, now moved location to a peaceful street in Chiang Mai, the ambiance of the art filled cafe was just as we remembered from our many previous visits. We bought some mini art works, made by the artist owners, to put in our caravan later in the year. ☕️ #thailand #allaboutcoffeepai #travelwithkids #memorylane #chiangmaicafe #artvibes #thewandering8 #nostalgiatour #allaboutcoffeechiangmai #chiangmai #travelthailand
  • Walking with Elephants... It difficult to imagine that an animal that weighs 2.2 tonnes can move almost silently through a forest.
That’s one of the main things we noticed as we followed these 5 majestic beings during their morning breakfast hunt.We felt like we had joined the herd and had to quickly move aside whenever the matriarch changed direction.
It was a noticeably different experience and we all felt incredibly privileged to be able to get so close to them but without disturbing their natural routine.All 6 elephants at @sappraiwanelephant_sanctuary were rescued from somewhere, whether it be an elephant riding camp or a performing position, and our guide told us that it takes 3 months to help the elephants to deprogram from their old jobs and just be elephants again, they come to the sanctuary like robots!Each elephant has an individual carer that they are used to, there are no bull hooks to control them, and you can tell that the animal really does have the upper hand in this place.
If they don’t want to go a certain way, that’s it, you have to mold your own movements to be able to get near them. You can feel that power.Story was such a brave girl once again and the elephant carers lit up with broad smiles as she showed such interest in being close to the elephants and asking their names. She soon renamed them herself to YoYo, Tracker, Rosemary, Elee & Marshall , and we as her parents left this experience with smiles so big that our cheeks hurt
From what we saw, we can highly recommend this Sanctuary, but please do your own research before booking elephant experiences in Thailand. It’s a tricky one to get right and we all want to do our best to reduce and eliminate cruelty to animals that we meet around the world 🙏🏻 #ethicalelephantsanctuary #sappraiwanelephantsanctuary #asianelephant #elephantsinthailand #elephantsanctuary #8milesfromhome #thewandering8 #storyember #3yearsold #worldschooling #travelwithkids

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