8 Miles From Home. Not 80, Not 800.

But just 8 miles from our home in England, our car broke down and left us stranded. We talked a lot, and decided it was time to get a dog, move abroad, change our jobs and make movies about it… Read the whole story!

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  • Spent the day in the beautiful Lagos today. Had an amazing Vegan lunch at Goji Café, bought Story a hand made wooden toy from a Portuguese craftsman and ended with a little exploring on Pinheiro beach. The Algarve is winning our hearts today 🤗💕
#praiadopinheiro #lagosportugal #familyvloggers #beachportrait #pinheiro #lagosbeach #praiaportugal #mummydaughter #22monthsold
  • Minha Familia! We had a sunset picnic for dinner tonight on the beach. It was perfect! (No flies either 😂)
#praiadotrafal #algarveportugal #vilamoura #quarteira #sunsetpicnic #familyvloggers #beachselfie
  • The funniest 3 seconds of the day 😂
  • We have a seasoned Pro smiler right here! Story is most definitely a beacon of happiness. (Once she’s had a snack and a nap of course 😉) We are really enjoying some quiet time in the Algarve with family right now. Looking forward to plenty of beach days ahead ☺️☀️
#algarveportugal #familyvloggers #mummydaughter #vilamoura #beachselfie #portugalbeaches #algarvebeach #storyember #8milesfromhome
  • Tried something different with this photo, by removing all the colour and then painting it back in painstakingly, pixel by pixel in different hues until it looked like this. What are your thoughts? I thought it made an interesting portrait 🤔
#familyvloggers #istoélousã #cantskipportugal #storyember #lousã #mummydaughter
  • At home in the great outdoors. Finding quiet spots to picnic & let Story roam free was our favourite thing to do this summer. Now with autumn fast approaching, we're looking forward to exploring in the crisp leaves & cooler weather 🍂 #lousã #istoélousã #familyvloggers #storyember
  • They say a child’s laughter is the best sound in the world. I never felt that way. Until it was my child laughing. Now I know 🤗
#istoélousã #mummydaughter #familyvloggers #8milesfromhome #conceptualportrait #cantskipportugal #lousã #toddlerphotography
  • It has been a very long time since we took a photograph like this 😳 Those of you that have known us for over a decade will recognize this instantly as our wedding photography style: Conceptual and dramatic with a somewhat cinematic feel. Today we were filming a video up in the mountains for @tinymomentseverywhere and the scene was so beautiful that we had to stop recording and start photographing 😍 J has been eagerly awaiting this stage where Story is old enough to stand and walk on all terrain, so that we can stand on mountain tops together and create images and memories like this. .
#toddlerphotoshoot #cantskipportugal #istoélousã #dramaticscenery #thesetinymoments #lousa #istoélousãbaloiço #makingmemoriestogether #lifeisgoodtoday #cinematicphotography #8milesfromhome #familyvlog
  • An artist at work! Watching Story is always fascinating to me & this was no exception. The way she held the brush, expressed her distaste at my color suggestions, sat back to inspect her masterpiece before moving on & saying ‘more’ handing me the ultramarine blue to do the mum thing & remove the cap! This kept her amused for an hour and a half & we got 4 Story creations out of the afternoon. I’ve said it before but I could watch her all day! #storyember #artistinthemaking #creativetoddler #acrylicpaint #proudmamamoment #liveincolor #getmessy
  • @edenandember our jewellery line is doing really well. We are so happy that you guys are loving the #Andorinha design! Thank you to everyone that is following #edenandember on Instagram and favoriting our store on @etsy , it really means the world to us. 😍 Now that we know you are liking what we are doing we’ve put our heads together to muster up some brand new designs which we will be showing in our videos very soon.
To those of you that have ordered necklaces we have sent all the orders to the jeweler and most have already been shipped out. We are still finding our feet with this so hopefully there won’t be too many delays getting these little birdies into your hands. 🤗
If you want one of these silver Swallow necklaces you can buy them from our website or from our Etsy store. Link is in my bio 😎#jewelleryline #birdnecklace #newmerch #8milesfromhome #cantskipportugal

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