8 Miles From Home. Not 80, Not 800.

But just 8 miles from our home in England, our car broke down and left us stranded. We talked a lot, and decided it was time to get a dog, move abroad, change our jobs and make movies about it… Read the whole story!

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  • This is the image we dreamed of before arriving on Siargao island.
#storyember sitting on a custom motorcycle surrounded by coconut trees with a warm sunset glow all around.
About one day before lockdown we were going to hire one to explore the island, then we got stranded and thought we missed our chance.Then a few days ago our friends @solhaugen and @avelovin came to visit and brought along their new baby ‘blue’. We jumped at the chance to snap some perfect memories of our little 3.5 year old Story sitting on this beautiful machine.We don’t know who Story will become when she’s older, but we hope she’ll look back over these memories that we’ve created together and see how much love, warmth, sunshine and freedom we tried to surround her with. It’s all we can do!What’s your most memorable photo from your childhood? .
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  • This was our very first night on Siargao Island. There was a power cut when we arrived so we got to witness a pure dark sky experience over our new temporary home in the Philippines . It was a magical start to our island life journey.Swipe across to see the images of our first day in reverse order. From the starry night, to the sunset walk through the local village, the hammock moments with Story, our first steps off of the turbo prop plane onto land after a whole day of travel, the glimpse of the island from the aircraft window and of course boarding the fateful flight from Cebu to Siargao , completely clueless that we were going to be stranded here and have our destinies changed forever.How wonderful it is to keep photos and videos of our journey through life. Many of these moments would’ve been forgotten without them ☺️ #starrysky #siargaoisland #itsmorefuninthephilippines #familytravel #travelwithkids #beforecovid #islandlife #storyember #8milesfromhome #thewandering8 #strandedinsiargao
  • The Tuk Tuk is back! It feels great having our own little vehicle again.
We headed into the hills of Tawin Tawin as the sun went down and did a bit of psychological healing 😌. Right now there is nothing more beneficial then being a bit freer to explore these natural surroundings.We are so grateful to be in this unique situation, a little oasis free from disease and slowly getting back to a form of normality.Whatever our future holds for us, we will never forget this chapter of our life, Stranded in Siargao as a family.Huge thanks is due to the Philippines and the Filipino people here that have made this experience so welcoming, and for making us feel loved & at home.
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  • Ever since Story was born, people have thought she resembles Moana in real life. 😂 Even my brother sent me a side by side photo of Story at 8 months old next to baby Moana and the likeness has sparked people’s curiosity since.Now that we’ve spent so much of her life by the ocean, we can really see how much the coast means to her. Story is most definitely happiest by the sea. There’s no doubt about that. Even though she still can’t swim yet, she’s just drawn to it. Just like Moana 😜These 3 photos really seem to capture her spirit and personality. From her sand socks in the first shot, to the way-finding stance upon the boat looking out to sea.
The water is home for her.
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  • We took to the sky to celebrate reaching 100,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel (& over 12,000,000 views!) Thank you so much to everyone that’s been part of the journey & we couldn’t be happier to have reached this milestone here in paradise!
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  • It has been 6 weeks since we arrived on Siargao island, double what we had expected. Little did we know as we stepped off the plane that our lives would be changed on this idyllic palm tree covered haven.  We are safe & sheltered on what can only be described as a paradise & we are grateful for that each day.  Island life is winning us over & we look forward to the day community quarantine is lifted so we can once again drive our little Tuk Tuk down sandy paths as a family 🏝 .
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  • Before the crisis, we had one of the most perfect days out. Now these pictures seem like they were taken a lifetime ago.I can’t wait to get out there again and really see what the Philippines has to offer.#sugbalagoon #delcarmen #siargao #siargaoisland #thewandering8 #8milesfromhome #itsmorefuninthephilippines
  • Our little family of influencers 🤗 @mothergoodofficial
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  • Our last day of freedom... When we took this photo, we had no idea that 24 hours later the whole world was going to begin shutting down piece by piece.Tourism seemed to be in full swing, boats floated into the horizon and planes drifted across the blue skies.
We took a private tour to a beautiful island and spent an incredible afternoon enjoying what the Philippines had to offer.Story bathed in the warmest sea water, laughing at the spotted starfish and running across the sandbar kicking up a salty spray in her wake.We ate simple food underneath coconut trees and watched the amber glow of sunset begin slicing its way through the leaves, painting perfect patterns over the grass.Thinking back it was almost a perfect day, one we won’t easily forget. We captured its highlights in this photo, and in hundreds of carefully shot video clips ready to stitch together into a beautiful family movie... And then came the lockdown.
The cancelled flights, the army checkpoints and Virus information billboards. The restaurant closures and suspension of all tourism.
The Siargao Lockdown.So we put all the beautiful memories behind us for now and started a daily vlog to document our day to day experience being stranded in Siargao. To keep our family and friends reassured that we are in a safe place and coping well with all the huge changes.When the world stabilizes a little more, we will put together our most precious moments of travel in this amazing country with our family. We are excited to create and share them with the world.For now you can see some snippets of those moments on our Philippines Highlight tab on my profile on Instagram.We hope everyone is taking care of themselves and those around them during these crazy and unpredictable times. Let’s make the world a safe place to travel again.#strandedinsiargao #thewandering8 #8milesfromhome #kawhagansandbar #kawhaganisland #itsmorefuninthephilippines #travelwithkids #philippines #islandlife #delcarmen #motherdaughter #3yearsold #storyember #beachgirls #sandbar #lockdownphilippines
  • In deep thought, we’ve all been feeling a little lost.Who could’ve predicted that when we were planning our huge trip around Asia, we would end up stranded here and unable to return to our home in Portugal.When the airlines began cancelling our return flights, part of me felt a strange tingle of excitement. I thought maybe the universe was telling us that we were where we were supposed to be right now.Then my thoughts shifted to our dog Eden who is thousands of miles away in England. When am I going to see her again? And the sadness struck hard.It has been a roller coaster of emotions. One huge positive is that we’ve gotten stuck in one of the most beautiful places in the world, but we did not budget for this and it’s only a matter of time before our finances will start to feel the strain too. I’m trying not to think about it too much.I wanted to let you all know that our little family is currently safe on a fairly remote island in the Philippines.There is very little talk of the virus here and no evidence of panic buying or hoarding. The islanders are mostly surfers and seem to enjoy nothing more than the sun and the waves and that has given us a very calming and reassuring presence.We are ok here, making the most of where we are right now, cracking on with our work and loosely planning what our next steps should be.A huge thank you to everyone messaging us out of concern for our well being. It feels nice to know so many people care all over the world.Stay safe and make smart decisions everyone. This will pass in time. .
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