8 Miles From Home. Not 80, Not 800.

But just 8 miles from our home in England, our car broke down and left us stranded. We talked a lot, and decided it was time to get a dog, move abroad, change our jobs and make movies about it… Read the whole story!

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  • I find it difficult to comprehend a world without our #storyember in it anymore. It doesn’t matter how many times a parent tells you how amazing it is to create a life, you’ll never appreciate the full impact until you have your own.
Sometimes we think back to life before Story and realize how much extra time we actually had just for us and our dog Eden. And we imagine what different choices we’d have made up to this point.
But none of those thoughts can top what a powerful emotional flood we feel each time Story crushes a new milestone and becomes more and more our good friend.
She’s changed from this little dependent blob of life, into a little independent woman so full of character that makes us belly laugh almost daily.
We look forward to her waking up every morning and wandering into our room to tell us what she’s been dreaming and thinking about. It’s fascinating just to hear how much she remembers from the previous day too.
I really smiled hard after I saw how this picture turned out. Two of the most important people in my life smiling back at me. Two of my most important life decisions there before my eyes.
It’s fun to wonder about how different life could’ve been, but not as much fun as appreciating how much I enjoy my life now.Do you ever think about alternate paths and where they would’ve taken you?
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  • Story spots 'S's everywhere we go. In the supermarket, graffiti on walls, road signs... it shows there is always an opportunity for learning, wherever we are.  As we played on the beach the other day, I realised how many S words there were around us, so I drew up an impromptu picture & we went searching for them. This is one of the reasons I love the idea of worldschooling Story. There's so much to learn & she doesn't have to be sat in a classroom for it to be taught.
Swipe to see Story's lesson!
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  • Where in the world are we?! In our new video on YouTube we explore some of the unreal beaches in the Arrábida Natural Park, we felt as though we could have been in Greece, Thailand or even the Caribbean! (Despite the cold water!) Swipe across to see a video preview of this stunning place! Have you been here?
Watch the full video 'Portuguese People Say' the newest video on our YouTube channel. Enjoy 🌴 🌊
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  • My goodness, we may have found THE best beach in Portugal! Walking down to the sands, we could have easily been back on our Crete Island honeymoon, the scenery was almost exact. Once on the beach we found ourselves back on one of our favorite beaches in Thailand, the green backdrop, the rocks in the sea, the heat & the sounds of the insects, it was something straight out of our Asian life. We have also heard this part of Portugal referred to as the Maldives for the colour & clarity of the water. It really was amazing! Swipe to see more.
Where is your best beach?
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  • "Too much love never spoils children. Children become spoiled when we substitute presents for presence"  This quote couldn't be more true. Of course, Story has toys & is gifted things, yet what really makes these words resonate with me is that, When Story is without her 'things' she is happy. Playing with twigs & leaves, finding petals or searching for bugs. On a full day out at what shouldn't have really been a child friendly activity, visiting a working monastery, she was entertained by her surroundings & 2 lego figures the entire day. When we decided to have a child, we knew with both our hearts that the best present we could ever give her, is us. Experiencing the world with her by our side is our happiness.
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  • This is what we do it for. These little captured moments with family. Uncle Omar and Tia Jael spent a wonderful week laughing and playing with Story. Taking pictures and video to document these little windows of time that only exist in the now. We travel and live abroad so that we can create more of these memorable moments together. When family come to visit they’ll make a holiday out of it too, making those times extra special!
These pictures are stills from our latest #familyvlog on YouTube. Did you see it yet?
Don’t forget to follow Uncle Omar ⭕️ @o.becreative and Tia Jael 🌀@j.everywhereigo here on Instagram to see more of our family adventures 😊 .
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  • Uncle Omar and Tia Jael came to spend a week with us here on the Silver coast and we wanted to show them Story's favourite places. Starting on the beaches near to Peniche, exploring Baleal and then back home for a barbecue on our terrace in Caldas Da Rainha.
The weather wasn't the best but we still went out everyday and found a really cool hike in Sao martinha do Porto overlooking a little lighthouse.
We even took a little trip back up to central Portugal to see the Batalha Monastery which was absolutely epic and a great place to talk about how we feel about choosing to raise our daughter in Portugal.
Watch the full video on our Youtube channel tonight at 7pm- 8milesfromhome
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  • We’ve been a bit quiet this week on instagram as we have been enjoying spending time with family, Story’s Uncle & Aunty came to stay & they knew just the right gift to give for this little aqua girl! Story has a new pool friend, currently called ‘dobah’ & she couldn’t wait to get in the water to try out her new swimming costume!
Do your kids name all their toys too?! #summertimefun #familytime #storyember #pooltoys #youtubefamily #portugallife #travelfamily
  • Story Ember El-Haj standing on the sandy skirts of Portugal. Looking out at the grandeur of the Atlantic Ocean.
So much about these pictures gives me butterflies, but the thing I love the most is Story's smile when she's out enjoying nature.
Closely followed by that serious look of awe when she is stood in front of a beautiful scene.
These images are still frames from our latest video on YouTube. It's all about whether the coastlines of Portugal are safe or suitable for kids. We tried to cover as many valid points as we could think of.
Go check it out and let us know what you think 🌴🤗
https://youtu.be/5VoJe3yCG5oOr search ▪️Is Portugal safe? ▪️On YouTube
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  • We’re filming a new video over the next few days about why we chose to live in Portugal.  It’s a question that has been asked often... “Why didn’t we go to Spain (Us English people used to migrate there in flocks 😂) , or why did we leave Asia, wasn’t Thailand like a paradise?” Etc .... There are many reasons why we found ourselves based in Portugal & this picture is one of them.  Holding my daughter on the edge of the rocks next to the Atlantic Ocean, breathing in the fresh air & taking in the simple beauty of the sea. No one bugging us about exploring the cliffs. Just being free to enjoy nature the way we like to.
In the video we plan to go into more detail, perhaps it’ll help you to decide for yourselves if living in Portugal is for you. Or maybe it’ll just explain why we are here today 😊
Video will be up next week 🙏🏻 #youtubefamily #familyvlogs #baleal #peniche #mummydaughter #travelwithkids #familytravel #livinginportugal #portugalemfotos

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