9 Moo 9 Cafe in Chiang Mai

A delightful garden cafe serving an amazing menu 

As we walked into 9 Moo 9 Cafe, tucked down a small quiet backstreet soi off of Canal Road (by Hang Dong Golf Club), I felt like I was returning home to my parents’ house. That is of course, if my parents lived in a beautiful design styled Thai house with tropical manicured grounds and an onsite Café, which they don’t, but still the feeling was almost the same. 

9moo9 cafe chiang mai

Walking through the arched gateway and in to a big smile and friendly welcome from the owner Tony & his artist wife, Siripan,  the woman behind the delectable chalk scribbled menu and the impressive cakes that have kept us going back for more, you are struck by the cozy, comfortable atmosphere.   

9moo9 cafe chiang mai

Looking into the glass cabinet filled with tempting sweet delights, I felt like you do when you return to your family home, checking the fridge to see what’s on offer and then curling up on the sofa to fall asleep before dinner.  The only thing that keeps me from running into this homely café and doing just that, is the fact that it is a public café, and most certainly not my parents’ house.  So I keep a bit of decorum about me, before I make my order, then take my shoes off and settle into one of the cushioned areas on the deck next to the fish pond. 

9moo9 cafe chiang mai 9moo9 cafe chiang mai

The menu is written in chalk on the walls, ready to be changed and mixed up depending on what is in season and what Siripan decides to cook that week.  Each time we have been there, we have genuinely been blown away by the food.  It is some of the best we have had in Thailand and the easy going ambiance of the garden café makes it all that more special. 

9moo9 cafe chiang mai

The menu changes often so you never know quite what is going to be on there, but you can go in with the assurance, that it will delicious, and pleasing both to the eye and to the palate! 

We highly recommend the homemade sausages, they are possibly the best ‘proper’ sausage we have had out here by far.  They came served with a large salad and creamy potatoes, it made for a hearty lunch.   

9moo9 cafe chiang mai

For something a bit lighter, there is usually a soup option on the wall, I opted for the tomato soup served with homemade crusty bread and it didn’t disappoint.

9moo9 cafe chiang mai 9moo9 cafe chiang mai

We have also tried the beetroot and feta cheese salad and chicken with grilled vegetable salad which again, were served in generous portions and both very yummy. 

9moo9 cafe chiang mai 9moo9 cafe chiang mai

Settling into the cushions with a pot of jasmine tea and a slice of the incredibly moist and tasty carrot cake is a wonderful way to while away a hot and balmy afternoon.

9moo9 cafe chiang mai

Siripan’s cake making skills are impressive and seeing as I have a massive sweet tooth, normally thinking about dessert before the main course is even over, I love going to 9 Moo 9 for the cake selection alone.  Finding a chocolate cake in Thailand, that actually tastes like chocolate is harder than it may sound, yet we found it here!

9moo9 cafe chiang mai

The dark chocolate cake is great and generally the answer to ‘do you want cream with that’ should as a general rule always be a resounding yes, it certainly goes well with a dollop of thick ‘real’ whipped cream on top, there’s no squirty can cream around here.  

9moo9 cafe chiang mai

Overall, I’m sure you can tell, we love 9 Moo 9 café.  I am just disappointed that we only discovered it in our last month of living in Chiang Mai after being here for 2 years!  After our move to Chiang Rai next week, I am sure 9 Moo 9 will be a place we will return to on our visits to Chiang Mai, returning home for a slice of cake and a cup of tea.

If you do decide to head to 9 Moo 9 Cafe, make sure to tell them Sacha & Jay say “Hi" 

9 Moo 9 Café is open Thurs-Sun 10am – 5pm

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