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A Wedding Video Like No Other –ย 8 Miles From Home Episode 23

STORY : Living in Thailand, 8944 kms from their old home in London. J & Sacha crossed the world to be there for a special wedding. J’s older brother was to be married to Sacha’s life long friend Michelle in the beautiful venue ‘Tunnels Beaches’.
Being Youtube film makers they felt it would be a wasted opportunity not to produce a cinematic wedding video of Epic proportions. So that is what they did.

Shot from the perspective of J, groomsman and usher, this video contains a underlying emotional message about family and connections that can be tested when abroad and away from home for long periods of time. Even with no connection to the El-haj family, everyone can take something away from the message this wedding video tells.

Highlight Moments From This Episode

Jumbo Jets In VFX

Epic Shots & Drone Footage

Beautiful Girls

Emotional Scenes

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