Ban Dalah Resort in Pai – A lovely Pet friendly hotel in North Thailand

Eden loves to stay in a hotel, and on a recent holiday at the Ban Dalah Resort in Pai, this was no exception. 

When we arrived the 2 resident dogs came bounding out to greet us, which at first Eden was a bit wary of.  She doesn’t take too well to bigger dogs running at her barking and so she shied away behind my legs for a while.
We made the walk to the reception, all the while with the dogs checking each other out and making their presence known.

Nom Choi 

We were shown to our room by the friendly owner, Susie who told us the story behind her dogs, Long and Nom Choi, who she had rescued from temples and said that she used to own a cocker spaniel herself and Eden was most welcome.  Susie had placed a wooden fence across our balcony to keep her 2 dogs out, which was good thinking.

Our room at Ban Dalah was perfect, it has to be one of the best places we have stayed in our time in Thailand.  We had a small balcony at the front of the room but it was the large private terrace at the back that really made the stay.  The uninterrupted view across rice fields to the mountains beyond was incredible.

The view from our private terrace 

Eden soon made herself comfortable and claimed our double bed as her own, it has got to be the comfiest bed we have slept in and Eden must have agreed, she never wanted to get off it – we had to coax her off with biscuits to get her on her own bed at night! 

Eden enjoying the bed
The resort was well kept with nice gardens and a stream running around the whole hotel.
Eden enjoyed herself running on the grass and jumping across the stream, she even got used to the bigger dogs and had a play with them one afternoon.

Eden in the garden with her Grandad

At breakfast time, we sat in the open plan dining area, and enjoyed the American style breakfast with coffee and juice while Eden sat at our feet with Long and Nom Choi looking on.

Eden looking regal at breakfast

Long under our table 

Nom Choi keeping an eye on Eden

The owner and staff will even look after your dog/pet if you want to go out without them, rather than just leaving them in the room. 

Overall Ban Dalah Resort is the best Pet Friendly hotel we have stayed in so far, and we will definitely be going back in the near future.

Ban Dalah Resort in Pai

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