Chiang Rai & Ben Guesthouse Hotel Review

A visa run trip to Chiang Rai & a hotel review of Ben Guesthouse

Visa run time had come round again so we journeyed from Chiang Mai back up to the Northern rim of Thailand to cross into Burma and update our passports with gleaming new stamps for another 90 days.
This time we decided to spend the night in Chiang Rai, an hour from the border town of Mae Sai.

Chiang Rai Thailand
The scenic journey to Chiang Rai 

With me taking the helm of the old MK1 Escort, clanking and squealing out of the driveway, we set off. 
To save fuel on the 3.5hour journey up the North bound roads to Chiang Rai, the windows were down, A/C off.  Though in such hot conditions the A/C ends up blowing warm air into our faces anyway… coupled with the lack of UV protection from the window tints my right arm was cooked by the rays of the mighty sun. 
Not realising the extent of the damage to my roasted flesh until it had been done, I ended up with what i’m told is a ‘trucker arm’.  Lovely. 

My ‘trucker arm’ 

Before getting the formalities out of the way, we checked into our little room at Ben Guesthouse, deposited Eden and our bags then continued up to the border in a more lightweight fashion.
A couple of hours later after a quick, easy and painless visa run we were back at the hotel.

Ben Guesthouse Chiang Rai
Parked up at the guesthouse

For such a cheap price we were pleasantly surprised with the guesthouse.  We paid just 380baht for the night (during September) yet had access to a lovely outdoor swimming pool, though we left our swimmers at home, an onsite restaurant where we had dinner and breakfast in the morning, immaculate garden plus an outdoor seating area and table outside our door.

Ben Guesthouse Chiang Rai Ben Guesthouse Chiang Rai
Swimming Pool & Ben Guesthouse 

ben guesthouse chiang rai
onsite restaurant

Banana pancakes
Banana Pancakes for breakfast 

The hotel offered free wireless internet access in the rooms.  Computers were available for use in the reception area for a fee.  As well as booking tours and motorbike rental there was a laundry service too and the big plus…it’s pet friendly!  

ben guesthouse chiang rai
Eden enjoying the garden

Our room was very clean and filled with all the essentials, the en suite shower room was fine, though it took a while for the shower to heat up and almost scolded you when it did! Apart from that and the walls being rather thin, we could hear our neighbours chatting away most of the time, we found it a nice place to stay.

Ben Guesthouse is in a quiet location away from the main roads, yet central enough for all Chiang Rai has to offer.
We would definitely return to stay at Ben Guesthouse again, next time we go to Chiang Rai.    
Ben Guesthouse, Chiang Rai

Once we checked out of the hotel, we went to visit “The Black House” in Chiang Rai which we had heard lots of good things about, before heading back to Chiang Mai.

View Pet Friendly Hotel Chiang Rai Ben Guesthouse in a larger map  

Sacha El-Haj – 8 Miles from Home

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