The Best Coffee Shop in Chiang Mai?

Is the Wawee Coffee near the Four Seasons Hotel the best coffee shop in Chiang Mai? 

To name the best coffee shop in the whole of Chiang Mai would an incredibly difficult task.  Mainly because there are so many, that sampling the beans from them all would most likely result in an untimely death induced by caffeine overdose.  

However! We do like our coffee and take in many factors before deciding to recommend an establishment.  So when we decided to drive for 45 minutes from our home to experience the Wawee Coffee Shop opposite the Four Seasons Hotel in Mae Rim. There was valid reason for it.

best coffee shop chiang mai 
Wawee coffee in Mae Rim  

Firstly, for those who know Thailand fairly well. Yes, Wawee Coffee is a chain of shops.  

best coffee shop in chiang mai

But…This one is a little different due to its location and ambience.  Set up next to a large rice field and shielded from the sun by a line of bamboo trees fencing the outdoor area.  

best coffee shop chiang mai

It is a lovely place to relax with a hot or cold beverage. Outdoor fans push a pleasant breeze through the shaded terraced area behind the main building and art from local artists is displayed indoors and out.

best coffee shop chiang mai 

To take the appeal one step further the building is actually attached to a local art gallery. So you can actually peruse the paintings while sipping a Cappuccino.  Adjacent to Tita Gallery there is a small ornament shop selling high quality oriental wares.

If you are just interested in filling your belly with food and drink, this particular branch has a comprehensive bakery selling delicious cakes, brownies and cookies.  They even have a kitchen for ‘proper’ food if you so desire it.
I chose the blackcurrant crumble slice which came with a dollop of alcoholic cream on the side while Sacha ate a Raisin & Nut cookie.  

wawee coffee chiang mai
wawee coffee chiang mai wawee coffee chiang mai

We both chose to flood our throats with coffee based liquids, from the Wawee mountain of course, Sacha’s iced and mine steaming hot.  The shots were strong and full of that distinguishable espresso flavor.

wawee coffee chiang mai wawee coffee chiang mai

We sat under large red sun umbrellas watching the afternoon sun piercing the gaps between the Bamboo Trees, drinking our drinks and soaking in the peaceful atmosphere.

wawee coffee chiang mai

Small wooden figures hanging from strings clunked together when the fan swung their way. Patrons wandered the grounds posing for photographs by the rustic painted wooden doors that probably didn’t open for passage at all.

As we stood to leave and collected our belongings, feeling content that we had found a top contender for our favourite coffee shop in Chiang Mai, Sacha spotted a sign leading to a hidden establishment behind Wawee Coffee.  Full to the brim with edible delights we decided to take a short walk to see what was concealed down the country lane.  
At the roads end we discovered Baa Baa Black

coffee in chiang mai

A secret independent establishment with an epic back drop of huge mountain ranges, far enough away to be cloaked in a blue atmospheric hue.  The coffee shop had a vast green grassy surrounding that would have been perfect for Eden had she been with us. 

coffee in chiang mai

Unfortunately having just eaten our fill at Wawee Coffee we didn’t have any room left to sample from the menu. So we vowed to return with our cocker spaniel and form a proper opinion in the near future.

Around 15-20 minutes north from the city centre, this amazing Wawee Coffee branch is located opposite the Four Seasons Resort in Mae Rim.

wawee coffee in chiang mai
The best Wawee Coffee in Chiang Mai… 

Our Google Map of Wawee Coffee Mae Rim

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