A Breast Lift in Thailand. Cosmetic Surgery Yanhee Hospital Bangkok

My experience of having a breast lift procedure done at Yanhee Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand.

This post is about why I had a breast lift in Thailand rather than the UK:  Having a the cosmetic surgery procedure (mastopexy) at Yanhee hospital – Bangkok; And the reasons I decided to go through with it after years of just dreaming.

This is My Story:

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgeryMe at Bangkok Airport after years of procrastination

Making the Decision

I took the last mouthful of my fruit salad and dropped the spoon back into the bowl.  The clattering of metal against glass broke me out of my quiet reverie and in that instant I clicked the button.  ‘Your message has been sent’ the screen informed me.  The last half hour of staring at the laptop with my finger poised, nerves running through me as I ate my breakfast was concluded and any indecision waiting to succumb me was shattered.  It was done. 

I peeped over the top of my computer and let out a little noise which caught Jmayel’s attention from the other side of the table, ‘I’ve sent it, Can’t go back now’  he smiled as I tried to filter my unbalanced emotions of excitement mingled with apprehension.  The years of thinking, wanting and talking about it were coming to an end, I had put the wheels in motion to right a heavy bane in my life. 
It was the 8th August, three weeks after my return from England, and it was the day I made the decision to contact Yanhee Cosmetic Hospital in Bangkok.

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgeryThe Yanhee hospital chauffeur waiting to take me away 
 yanhee hospital cosmetic surgeryOn the road to the big city, not feeling nervous at all right now

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgeryArriving at the entrance to Yanhee Hospital  in Bangkok

The Lead Up & Prepararion

The very next day after lunch, I received an email from my newly assigned International Representative, Maureen, introducing herself as my point of contact at the hospital from now on and that my request for surgery had been forwarded onto the Doctor.  Within 2 days I had a Doctor’s recommendation based on the information and photographs I had sent in my initial email.     
A few long emails back and forth between Maureen and I ensued over the next couple of days with me asking a lot of questions about the cosmetic surgery procedure.  All that was needed of me now was to tell them a date when I would like the operation and they would book me in. 
It was all incredibly easy and within less than 2 weeks of first contact I had fixed myself an appointment for cosmetic surgery in Bangkok, a full breast lift procedure (Mastopexy) was confirmed.

The Reasons Why – A little history about me & my larger self

It is at this point I feel I should explain how this all came about.  Always insecure and feeling like a stranger in my own skin, it was safe to say that there had always been a certain body part that drew the most dislike.  In my larger days I detested my cumbersome 38E cup boobs, yet with a good bra, I could dress them up and no one would be any the wiser at my inner resentment.   
I never hid my boobs away, they were there for all to see, for some reason covering them up made me feel even worse.

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgeryEverything looked great in costume, but the reality was rather different

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it I would tell myself”  In some ways they made for a good platform in which to hide behind.  I was the girl with the boobs, no one need look any further into who I am, earning unrepeatable nicknames for myself at work, I would laugh along with the jokes and remarks, it was either that or live in a dark bubble too afraid to go out or wear certain clothes.  Some jokes, to be fair were quite funny, others not so much.

 "People pay good money to have boobs like yours" someone once told me, clearly getting the wrong idea.  People pay good money to have perfect boobs enhanced with silicone with everything in the right place.  But anyone with a larger natural chest will tell you, that probably isn’t the case. Bigger isn’t always better, and no one would have paid a penny to have my boobs if they knew what they really looked like.

Going bra shopping was a nightmare for me.  I found it embarrassing and almost a bit humiliating.  More than I would like to admit, I would break down in tears in changing rooms when trying on clothes and bras. I would try to pass through the lingerie section in the shops as fast I could without casting my eyes to the lovely dedicates on display.  Things I felt could never buy.  Attempting to ram my endless mounds of skin into a sexy bra was almost as depressing as having to buy bras with straps two inches thick, or searching out the ‘extra support’ label.  I would always find a pretty bra I liked only to very soon discover that they didn’t go up to my size.  Clothes shopping was also a taxing task, my eyes drawing me towards girly ensembles, picturing myself looking pretty inside the materials, then trying it on only to discover it wasn’t for me, the neckline or straps wouldn’t be able to hide my monstrous underwear.

The weight loss and creating a new me 

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgeryA new mindset has helped me lose over 3 stone

It wasn’t until after I had lost a considerable amount of weight that my daydreams of new boobs started to become a possible reality and for me, a necessity.  I wanted to be happy with my weight before going ahead with cosmetic surgery, so thoughts stayed as just thoughts until I began to carve myself out a new healthier body, losing 8 kilos (1.2stone/17.5lbs) whilst still in England and since then, living in Thailand I have lost a further 10 kilos and counting (1.5stone/22lbs) creating a collective weight loss of almost 19kilos (3stone/41lbs) and I am now the healthiest I have ever been.   However, like taking a pin to a balloon my once very full appendages lost their life and shrunk down too, which caused problems in their own right.    

This breast lift procedure was something I felt I had to do for my own self-confidence, both physically and mentally.  Yes it may, to some, seem superficial on the surface, cosmetic surgery of any kind can be seen that way.  This wasn’t about me conforming to images in magazines and media or lusting after catwalk models or celebrities, which is where some of the stigma attached to cosmetic surgery is founded.

A New Start & Healthier Living

Being in Thailand we have developed a fresh outlook on life and adopted a more wholesome lifestyle. Jmayel and I exercise each day, we are both fitter and healthier than we have ever been.   Living in the now and enjoying life, if we want something, we act on it and work to make it happen. 
I could have chosen to wait for another 6 years with the same thoughts running through my mind. Having a major issue with my body but I chose instead to fix the problems. After the weight loss, no amount of push ups and chest workouts were going to help me lose the excess skin and I no longer felt this was something I should just live with for the rest of my life.  You only get one body, and I decided to make mine the best I can.
For now, and not in 5 or 10 years’ time.

So this is how on the 19th September I came to be pulling up outside Yanhee hospital in Bangkok with an appointment card in my hands.

First Impressions of cosmetic surgery in Thailand

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgeryThe Rather Large Yanhee Hospital in Bangkok

I stood at the entrance to the hospital, the automatic doors opening to reveal the clinical hub inside, a cold air conditioned gush welcomed me into the medical surroundings. 

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgeryGround Floor Entrance to Yanhee

This was to be my home for the next 3 days.  I was shown straight to the international patient’s desk where I filled out registration forms that were handed to me by the English speaking staff.  As I put pen to paper my hand started shaking, turning my name into a wobbly squiggle.  I turned to J and laughed, nerves and excitement ran through me, the waiting was over, this was it. 

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgery

After all the initial formalities were complete, I was directed up to the 4th floor cosmetic surgery department.

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgery
Hospital signage

I have to admit I did feel a bit superficial in the first moments of arriving.  A fellow foreigner sat a few chairs away and clearly it was not her first time inside a cosmetic clinic. Then yet another young woman walked past, her chest covered with the tell-tale pen markings of an imminent boob job.  I handed the card I was given on arrival to the pretty young receptionist who took my blood pressure, height, weight and asked a few questions before telling me to take a seat. 

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgeryPre Consultation Checks

We watched the goings on of the clinic while we waited which included a rollerblading staff member, a pile of medical notes tucked into her arms as she dropped off the required patient notes to their destinations before gliding onto the next clinic. Not something we would have seen in England that’s for sure!   

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgeryRoller Blading Staff

Just a few moments later, an immaculately dressed lady with a clipboard came over and introduced herself as Miss Aura, she was to be my international coordinator for while I was in the clinic and asked if I wanted the surgery done today and when the last time I ate was.    You are required to be nil by mouth for 6-8 hours before surgery, my one cube of melon I ingested on the plane at 7am didn’t seem to be a problem, though I was instructed not to let anything pass my lips from here on out.  Miss Aura escorted us to the consultation rooms, a spotless white corridor full of closed doors. 

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgery yanhee hospital cosmetic surgery
Inside the Cosmetic Clinic with Miss Aura

I walked to the end to sit outside my surgeon’s room and wait in turn to be called.   I tried to make light conversation with Jmayel as we sat in the green hospital chairs yet my mind wandered to what was going to happen in just a few hours. 

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgery
Me waiting…..

My half hour wait was soon up and I entered into my surgeon, Dr Somsak’s room. As well as the surgeon, myself and Jmayel, Miss Aura was present in the physical consultation as well as Dr Somsak’s secretary.  A room full of people all waiting to see my boobs.   A quick chat with the doctor and I soon found myself topless standing under bright lights with mirrors on all sides as the man drew across my chest, with accurate ruled measurements the permanent ink was swiped across my skin as he marked out the incision lines, repositioning my flesh. Once satisfied with his artwork he took a couple of photos before informing me the surgery would be scheduled for 1:30pm. Just over 2 hours from now. 

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgery yanhee hospital cosmetic surgery
Marked for surgery

After the physical consultation I was sent fully clothed back out into the waiting area where I signed consent forms and paid for the surgery at the cashiers desk.  Miss Aura then bid me farewell as I was handed over to another lady ready to take me onto the next stage of the day.  I was amazed at how smoothly this hospital was run.   

Leaving the 4th floor we made our way to the lower levels where I had four viles of blood taken from my arm to test for HIV among other routine checks before meeting with an Anesthetist who talked me through the procedure of being put under general anesthetic and explained the risks and after effects of the drug, before I filled out yet more forms.  

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgeryOutside the treatment rooms

I was then taken up to the 10th floor wards to be admitted into my private room.  A room that could put a few hotels to shame, it was large, spacious with an en-suite bathroom, a two seater sofa, room service, a fridge full of free vitamin water and a flat screen television on the wall. Towels and a welcome wash bag full of toiletries sat on the bed. 

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgeryMy Private hospital room complete with large sofa for J to sleep on

Just 15 minutes after arriving a nurse came in to prep me for surgery.  I was given a hospital gown to change into and my blood pressure was taken as they hooked me up to an IV drip through a cannula that had been expertly placed into my hand, saline dripped slowly through into my body to hydrate me.

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgeryDeep breaths while a nurse inserts the Cannula 

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgery

I laid on my bed and peered out of the windows for a few moments whilst Jmayel pottered around the room unpacking the bags.

waiting at Yahnee hospital Bangkok

waiting at Yahnee hospital Bangkok waiting at Yahnee hospital Bangkok
 The short wait before my surgery was to begin

The day had passed rapidly with a surreal edge and it wasn’t long before 1:30pm came around, coupled with a punctual knock on the door which opened to a nurse and a porter with a hospital bed.  

They had come for me… 

The Operation

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgery

I climbed somewhat ungracefully up onto the new bed trying to keep my gown from gaping and exposing my shy flesh and with a final kiss to Jmayel, both of us slightly shocked at how quick everything had happened, I was out of the door. 

Laying down flat on the bed and covered over with a bright green blanket, I watched the ceiling tiles float past me as I was wheeled along the corridor towards the lift.  I turned my head back to see Jmayel standing in the empty hallway watching me leave.  It was then that tears stung my eyes, I quietly let them flow down my face before wiping them away with my needle filled hand.

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgeryThat’s me on the bed at the end of the corridor 

I felt the floors falling beneath me in the lift as we traveled down to the operating department before being pushed into the ultra bright world of theater.  I was left in the recovery rooms for half an hour, my bed shut off from the rest of the room by a thin curtain as I watched the clock on the wall ticking slowly towards 2pm.  The temperature in the room felt almost arctic as the hairs on my arms stood up with each shiver that went through me, wishing I had more than the meager green blanket and hospital gown covering me. 

I was surprised at my lack of emotions, despite the earlier tears at leaving Jmayel, I was waiting for more feelings to overcome me.  Yet they didn’t come, I was not scared and all previous nerves had vanished, I felt strangely calm as I lay in the ice cube. I was where I was supposed to be and it felt almost normal. 

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgeryOutside the entry to theater 

Going through to the operating theater I wished I was back out in the arctic, the temperature turned considerably cooler still as the staff transferred me over to the operating table.  Four giant lamps were pointed at me and the room buzzed with a team of people.  I watched as the medical staff unwrapped packets of surgical equipment and towered over me, their masked faces moving my body and rearranging me into position, sticking electrodes on each bare limb, attaching my being to machines.  The coldness of the room felt like pinpricks as I laid helpless while my arms were strapped down to the bed.  

The anesthetist entered the room and introduced himself, he told me not to worry as he set about dosing me up with drugs. 
I lay in silence breathing deeply as all of a sudden and without warning the room before me started to spin.  I panicked slightly and tried to get off the bed, I tried to fulfill the urge to free myself from my shackles and flee the sterilized room, defenseless and unable, I felt hands on my shoulders as I was gently pushed back onto the table while the blinding white lights permeated through my closing eyelids.  My mind struggled and fought against the drugs and I attempted to speak, but the sounds that came out were intangible and slurred.  Dreamlike thoughts of Jmayel and Eden etched themselves into my head just moments before I was overcome with darkness, within seconds my previously brightly lit world had turned black.     

            – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

3 hours later my eyes opened, blurry and unfocused they struggled to connect with my disorientated mind as I began to cough, my throat dry and burning, the cough soon turned to a choke as I struggled to get breath.   I had begun to come round from the anesthetic yet it seemed in the previous hours I had lost the basic concepts of being alive.  My arms reaching out to grab at anything as my lungs still struggled to fill with air.  A pair of dainty hands placed an oxygen mask over my face as I heard voices coming from somewhere behind me telling me it was all ok, they spoke of surgery yet I couldn’t remember what had happened.  I just knew that I was alive and that it was a good thing.  I saw the room around me through foggy slats as I attempted to move, feeling like I was weighed down with bricks I tried to get to grips with reality yet seconds later I passed out and once again the world turned black.

              – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

A further hour passed before my eyes reopened.  I was jolted into life as my bed was being wheeled back into my private room.  Gone were the bright white lights of the recovery ward and instead I briefly caught a glimpse of Jmayel’s face as he smiled, I heard his voice cracking as he asked the nurses if I was ok.  They transferred me onto my bed and hooked me up to antibiotics before leaving the room as swiftly as they had arrived.  Through my hazy vision I made out Jmayel’s concerned face, his brown eyes wet with tears, I feebly reached out for his hand and attempted to speak, yet still I couldn’t fashion a coherent sentence.  Jmayel stroked my head and gave me water through a straw, feeling dozy and weak, and still not able to grasp any activity, I fell asleep.

imageJmayel, provided with sheets & pillow makes a nice bed for himself

Throughout the night I was checked on every couple of hours, my blood pressure was taken repeatedly and I was given sleeping pills and more antibiotics.

cosmetic surgery in thailand
Trying to sleep at a 45 degree angle felt strange

Come the morning I had a clearer head and could manage to sit up and walk to the bathroom with a little bit of help from Jmayel.  

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgery
The morning after surgery

My bandaged chest felt heavy and like I had been hit with a baseball bat, a dull ache encircled my upper half and there was a sporadic stinging sensation but apart from that the physical pain was minimal.  The nurses kept up with the regular checks throughout the day, they changed my bandages expertly and brought me antibiotics every 4 hours.  No pain medication was administered and I didn’t feel I needed any.  Dr Somsak came to see me in the afternoon to check the wounds and said he was very happy with the results and how the surgery went.

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgeryDressing Trolley 

On the 2nd day after surgery I was discharged from Yahnee Hospital, before I left I was visited in the morning by a woman named Joanna from the international liaisons department, one of Maureen’s colleagues.  She had come by to check everything had gone well and that I was happy and ready to leave the hospital, she gave me leaflets and information on aftercare and answered a few questions, before wishing me well and a speedy recovery.

I was ready to leave the hospital at 12pm and the nurses discharged me with two week’s worth of antibiotics, strong paracetamols and sleeping tablets, the latter two of which I didn’t use.  They also issued me with an appointment for the following week for my 7 day check up with the surgeon and stitch removal.

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgeryWhere the stitches are removed, (I dreaded this but it wasn’t bad at all)

Leaving the hospital post surgery

I turned down the offer of a wheelchair to take me down to the taxi and instead gradually made my way to the lift propped on Jmayel’s arm, after spending 3 days inactive it felt good to move my legs again.  

Dressed in real clothes after wearing nothing but a hospital gown for the last 72 hours I felt the flow of air across my face for the first time since entering the hospital as I stood waiting in the shade while Jmayel hailed a taxi. 
Settling down in the backseat for the 45 minute ride to our air bnb apartment for the next week, I braced myself against the bumps and dips in the road as each movement of the car vibrated through my newly stitched skin.

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgery
Our apartment building for the week 

By the time we got to the apartment in Sathorn I felt exhausted, without unpacking anything else I fished out my pajamas and climbed into the comfy bed, propping myself up with pillows I fell asleep within minutes.

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgerySleeping snugly, J put his toy seal on me to keep me company 😉

I woke up a couple of hours later after what was a very pleasant nap despite the fact I had to sleep on my back in an elevated position, I realized I was now out of the hospital and still hadn’t gotten a chance to see my post surgery boobs. 
With Jmayel holding a mirror I unwrapped the elastic bandage and began to peel away their gauze coverings.    I felt nervous and unsure if I actually did want to see them covered in stitches, yet I soon overcame any hesitant feelings and I cast my eyes downwards. 
I was very impressed, the scars underneath were a little scary but very, VERY neat (I had to have an Anchor Type Cut). The stitches freaked me out more, as I knew they would have to be removed. Yet here they were, out in the world, my new boobs, tender and sensitive though they were, I loved them. 
I felt a slight pride that they were mine, but apart from that strangely I didn’t feel anything else.  There was no massive excitement or happiness, It just felt natural.

I had imagined this moment for so long that it already had begun to feel real to me.  I now had the outer shell to match the inner being. 

Cosmetic Surgery Success

As I write this now I am four weeks post op and almost completely healed.  My new boobs are scab, itch and pain free, the scars are still slightly red but are fading nicely.  I am able to sleep on my side once again and after 3 weeks of sleeping on my back, this is a big relief for me!  I am wearing a sports bra every day and have just started to exercise again, although I’m still avoiding anything really strenuous and just keeping to low impact workouts.  Burpees and star jumps will have to wait a couple more weeks!

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgeryI felt normal again just 3 weeks after surgery

Worries Vanquished

Looking back on the last couple of months it was during the weeks building up to the surgery that I had mixed emotions. As it turns out the waiting for the operation was the hardest part, mainly because I didn’t truly know exactly what to expect.

Thoughts of will it hurt? How much pain will I be in?  What if they don’t give me enough anesthetic?  What if they give me too much?  Could I die?  What if there are complications?  Was I doing the right thing? Other thoughts like “I’m perfectly healthy and I’m technically putting myself at risk for no medical reason” swamped my head, yet I knew this was just fretful thinking and even with all this in my mind I never once considered cancelling the surgery.

I felt highly prepared with all my own personal research that I had done online regarding the procedure, the hospital, the aftercare that I would need and even what kind of post op bra I should wear!  But I didn’t know what was actually going to happen step by step and there was no way I could have found out without going through the experience firsthand.

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgery
Waiting to have the stitches removed… 
(it looks like i’m naked, but i’m not!)

How I Feel After All Those Years Of Waiting

A friend asked me how it felt after I had had the surgery done, and after consideration for just a moment, my answer was that I felt like I was just becoming who I should have been all along. 

My newly molded breasts now form a delightfully pert shape that is something I had never been lucky enough to experience before. They fill up a B/C cup bra and I’m very happy with the results.  I had the option to have implants done at the same time as the lift for an additional cost, but my surgeon suggested that there would be enough skin to make a sufficient shape and the look that I was after naturally, without the need of silicone implants.  

Cost of Breast Lift Surgery Thailand – Prices and Conversions

I decided to have the breast lift procedure done in Thailand rather than the UK. Not just because I am living here but because of the costs and the hospitals reviews. 

Mastopexy Breast Lift Procedure at Yanhee Hospital Thailand (Full Anchor Incision Technique for Extreme Cases)

The total cost for my surgery was 92,020 baht in total (1,829GBP).  That price includes the actual surgery, plus 2 nights in hospital, food for the patient (but not J, Room service available), all medications and registration fees.

To have the same surgery performed in England, I was looking at prices 4,000+ GBP which is over 201,000 baht, more than double the cost of what I paid to have it done in Bangkok. 
Yanhee hospital is an internationally acclaimed cosmetic hospital and from what I could see, it was on par with any private hospital I would have gone to in England.  In some cases, the staff and treatment I received largely surpassed anything I have witnessed in England as a patient and as ex medical staff myself.    

yanhee hospital cosmetic surgeryYanhee Leaflets

Knowing what I know now after having the procedure done, there is nothing I would change or do differently, I would have the surgery done again tomorrow if I needed to and if there is anyone in the same situation as I was, thinking about having it done, my advice is to go for it, I have no regrets and only wish I had done it sooner.   

This is my personal account of what it was like having surgery in Thailand.  For that reason I haven’t included any before and after images in this post as there are plenty of pre and post surgery photos to be found on the internet and I’d rather keep my nipple viewage to just a close few!

For more information on breast surgery at Yanhee hospital in Bangkok, a list of things to use post and pre op and what to take to the hospital with you, I have written another blog post: Tips & information on having a breast lift procedure in Thailand

Here is a google map of Yanhee Hospital:

View Breast Lift in Thailand Yanhee Hospital in a larger map


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