Chivit Thamma Da, Chiang Rai Coffee House & Spa

Chivit Thamma Da, An elegant Café and Spa in Chiang Rai

Within days of moving up to Chiang Rai, we had heard about a popular and well run Coffee House on the banks of the Kok River that also doubled as a luxury day spa. 

Chivit thamma da chiang raiChivit Thamma Da Coffee House & Spa

With my friend Gillian soon arriving from England, I wanted to treat her to lunch as a belated 30th birthday gift (her birthday was a couple of weeks previously & what with living in Thailand, I had obviously missed this important day!) so I felt it was only right to continue the birthday celebrations and mark the occasion with her in style.

Chivit thamma da chiang raiCelebrating Gills Birthday! 

Turning up at the English country style café we were suitably impressed, the interior was buzzing with a mix of staff and customers alike, indoors there is a conservatory style room with floor to roof glass windows, high ceilings and vintage artifacts dotted around and we immediately felt like we had stumbled onto something good.

Chivit thamma da chiang raiLovely garden setting 

Having booked Gill in for a birthday back massage and manicure, she went off to enjoy the spa while Jmayel and I amused ourselves.

Chivit thamma da chiang rai

It is the outside setting that gives Chivit Thamma Da Café its special edge over other cafes. There is an air of elegance to its location right by the river, with a piano, water fountain and classic tables and chairs, it made for a very pleasant afternoon.

Chivit thamma da chiang rai

Chivit thamma da chiang rai

Chivit thamma da chiang raiEnjoying our time at Chivit Thamma Da 

We were not the only ones enjoying passing our time here either, the venue was a magnet for all sorts of people, couples sharing a slice of cake, families having lunch or groups of friends laughing and catching up over their choice from the varied and unusual drinks menu.

Chivit thamma da chiang raiGill loved the chocolate shake with whipped cream! 

We found the food to be well cooked, nicely presented and served in good portions, though as a whole, the food and drinks menus are more expensive than your average Chiang Rai café, but we felt it was worth paying the extra for the ambiance and the setting alone.   

Chivit thamma da chiang raiChicken Caesar Salad

Chivit thamma da chiang raiEggs Benedict 

Chivit Thamma Da Cafe is a good place to come for a special occasion or a celebration and with the addition of the day spa right next door, its perfect for birthdays, girlie days or anniversaries. 

Chivit thamma da chiang raiCatching up over delicious drinks 

If however, you have none of these on the horizon any time soon, it is also a perfect place to enjoy a coffee by the river, though due to its popularity, you may find you are not the only one.     

Chivit thamma da chiang raiSwing in the garden 🙂 

We will definitely be returning to Chivit Thamma Da Café, and it will be a must for us to bring any more visitors here for a scrumptious lunch and show off Chiang Rai’s impressive side! 

Chivit Thamma Da Cafe and Spa Map

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