MonteForte Café, Chiang Rai

MonteForte Café in Chiang Rai, a trendy coffee shop which offers a home stay

Monte Forte Cafe was one of our very first café visits after moving here. Being on the main road into town and also very close to the mechanic Jmayel was quick to find, we had driven past a few times and liked the exterior facade of the café.

monteforte cafe chiang rai

The chic grey stone look and simplistic styling enticed us, so before our road trip to Nan Province, Jmayel took the car to the mechanic while Gillian & I went and enjoyed a coffee and slice of cake in MonteForte Café.   

monteforte cafe chiang rai

The interior was just as pleasing as the outside, though the location is on a busy road it doesn’t affect the ambience inside.  The light grey stone design continues inside with intentionally mismatched chairs and kitsch cushions set out like a home style living room.

monteforte cafe chiang rai monteforte cafe chiang rai

We found ourselves a comfy corner to sit in and ordered our beverages at the counter. I went for one of the recommended drinks of Peppermint Mocha while Gill tested out the hot Latte.

monteforte cafe chiang rai

The homemade bakery section was very appealing, a glass fronted fridge with shelves packed full of tempting baked goods was too hard to ignore, we shared a slice of blueberry yogurt cake and it was very moist and creamy. 

monteforte cafe chiang rai

monteforte cafe chiang rai

MonteForte Cafe has a good selection of beverages, all the usual favorites of coffee and teas and as well as the recommended specialties they also create a small selection of fruit smoothies and Italian sodas as well. 

monteforte cafe chiang rai

I couldn’t sit and enjoy my leisurely coffee and cake in this lovely little air conditioned cafe knowing that Jmayel was outside in a mechanics yard sorting out the car for our trip, so I bought him a huge blueberry muffin to take away, yes, I am a good wife!

monteforte cafe chiang rai

We enjoyed a couple of hours in this coffee shop while we waited for Jmayel to return, we flicked through the amply supply of magazines, chatted and let the coffee shop jazz music fill our ears as we sipped our drinks and devoured the yummy cake.

monteforte cafe chiang rai

Though MonteForte is a relatively small café there is plenty of seating without it feeling overcrowded, as well as a couple of tables outside on a little wooden deck. 

monteforte cafe chiang rai

Free WIFI is available and there is also a home stay with accommodation upstairs. 

monteforte cafe chiang rai

It would be a good location to stay if you want to be near to the White Temple and the Bus Station and have the bonus of waking up in the morning to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and cakes! 

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