Before Sunset Coffee, a great coffee shop at Mae Hong Sons’ temple on the hill

Before Sunset Coffee, A coffee Shop above Mae Hong Son with fantastic views

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu, the hilltop monastery in Mae Hong Son stands a lofty 800ft above the town, on our last visit to this temple, with our UK friends who were staying with us, we discovered ‘Before Sunset Coffee’.

coffee shop in mae hong sonEden making friends! 

Just a minutes’ walk behind the temple you will find this simple structure which offers simply stunning views out across the province and beyond. 

It is a perfect place to sit and enjoy the world for a while with a hot (or iced) beverage clasped between your hands.

coffee shop in mae hong sonSee, I wasn’t lying about the view right?! 

The straightforward menu is cheap and the drinks are served in little paper cups, however this doesn’t impair the taste as the coffee is good! 

coffee shop in mae hong son

I opted for a cappuccino while Jmayel ordered a ‘chocolate love’ a hot chocolate with cream and both were drunk with a little smile.  

coffee shop in mae hong son

Attached to Before Sunset Coffee is a little gift shop which had a good selection of illustrated cards as well as the usual t.shirts and fridge magnets stating you survived the 1,864 curves in the mountain roads to get here from Chiang Mai!

coffee shop in mae hong sonIt’s a lotta curves!

So when you find yourself at the top of Mae Hong Son, at the temple on the hill, whether it’s a first time visit or a returning venture, be sure to look out for Before Sunset Coffee. 

coffee shop in mae hong son

Order a drink, grab a table and sit and reflect while taking in your peaceful surroundings.  You won’t be disappointed.   

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Before Sunset Coffee Map

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