Coffee View Café on the road to Chiang Rai

Coffee View Cafe offers a stunning landscape while you enjoy a beverage

Just after the mountain pass on the 118 heading out of Chiang Mai up towards Chiang Rai sits Coffee View Cafe, a gorgeous little café on the right hand side of the road.

coffee view cafe

It had come to our attention before on our journeys North to Chiang Rai, but we always missed the sign and drove past it too quick, it was usually not until after we had passed it that we realized. ‘We’ll go there on the way back’ we always said, and of course, we always forgot until it was too late again!  This time though, with Kamal and Michelle with us and making a conscious effort to look out for the signs, we did stop in time, and I’m incredibly glad we did. 

coffee view cafe

The Coffee View

We walked in and our eyes were lead straight out the back towards the amazing view of the surrounding countryside, fields, mountains and a lake.  At 4pm when we arrived, the light was casting a golden hue across the land and it really isn’t called Coffee View for nothing, the marvelous landscape is hard to beat and is definitely the best scenery we have seen from a coffee shop!  

coffee view cafe

They allowed Eden to come in with us, and she even enjoyed the view herself. 

coffee view cafe

The café offers a full but basic food menu with both Thai and Western dishes, sandwiches, fries, salads, Thai curries and rice.  There was also a small selection of baked items, but I was a bit disappointed, I felt the food should reflect the surroundings and offer a better standard with home baked cakes and cookies to splurge on while you enjoy a coffee.  As it was though, the food seemed to take a back seat here while the beverages and view make it.  There were decent coffees, yogurt smoothies and juices on offer.  

coffee view cafe

The wooden establishment is spread over 2 open levels, both displaying the grandeur of its surroundings in full force.   

coffee view cafe

A very pleasant place to sit and while away an hour or so, the café also offers free Wi-Fi, your hour or so could quite easily be extended into 2-3 if you have a laptop with you – the perfect setting to get some work done or send emails home!     

coffee view cafe

After well and truly being given the thumbs up from all of us, one things for sure, we will certainly not be whizzing past Coffee View without stopping again!

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