Cost Of Living In Chiang Mai – VIDEO

The Cost Of Living In Chiang Mai Condensed Into A Video

One of our most popular blog posts of all time was our Cost of Living in Chiang Mai write up. So we decided to create a video version, documenting a few days out and about spending and living in the north of Thailand.

It turns out you guys found this video ultra useful and informative too when we posted it on our YouTube channel. Anybody thinking of moving to the beautiful ancient city of Chiang Mai will benefit from this little โ€˜Day In The Lifeโ€™ walk through. We talk about House Rental, show you some expensive second hand cars, some inexpensive meals, great coffee shops, visit the post office and 7-11, pay an Electric bill and even mention the cost of Husky puppies for those who love dogs.

No annoying music, nothing too fancy, just the Cost Of Living in Chiang Mai displayed over two days exploring the city by foot. Hear the real sounds of Thailand and see how much we spend as Expats living in Thailand.

Check out the video, and if you like it we may just do another one.

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