DinDee Café in Chiang Mai – ‘The Mud House’

Our most recent find, a cafe made of mud – Dindee Cafe in Chiang Mai

On my never ending search for great cafes where ever I am, we recently discovered ‘DinDee Cafe’ on Nimmanheimin Rd Road, Chiang Mai.

dindee cafe in Chiang Mai

Known as the Mud House Café due to the building being built entirely of earth.  Walking through the door, it brought back memories of my beloved Morocco and the earth house we stayed in on our wedding night. 

dindee cafe in Chiang Mai

Immediately my mind ran away with me as I soaked in the surroundings, ‘oooo I want to own a place like this’ (maybe with fewer mosquitoes though) as we sat at the mini tables on the floor surrounded by axe cushions, the café busy with the lunch trade. 

We ordered iced coffees as I rattled on about how I would build my own earth house one day, filling it with Moroccan artifacts and Arabian rugs and cushions, lamps and candles, a little water feature in the center……(…..slowly fading out…………)    
Js amused face humoring me as he knows too well that this is one of my dreams that will most likely stay that way, the lazy part of me just wants the house already, I don’t actually want to build it or take on a project of that size.   

dindee cafe in Chiang Mai

Located on the grounds of the CMU Art Center on Nimmenhaemin Road, the unusual little café is strewn with items for sale by Chiang Mai artisans; jewelry, cards, teas and organic produce line the wooden cabinets around the room.    

dindee cafe in Chiang Mai

On our second visit to the café (yes, we have been back already!) we stopped in for some food as well as coffee, our bellies grumbling on a ride round the city on our new bike.  ‘Where shall we go’ J asked me… ‘Back to Dindee please’ was my enthusiastic answer!

dindee cafe in Chiang Mai

The vegetarian menu is good, with it still being relatively early, J opted for a vegetable omelet while I went for natural yogurt with passion fruit. 

dindee cafe in Chiang Mai
dindee cafe in Chiang Mai

The pineapple and ginger fruit shake sounded too good for me to turn down!

dindee cafe in Chiang Mai

After the snacks we sat and chatted for a while, enjoying the chilled music coming through the speakers.
We ordered coffees before heading on our way again.  

dindee cafe in Chiang Maidindee cafe in Chiang Mai

Very happy with my Espresso Freddo Shakerato! 

As we were preparing to leave, the time almost approaching 12pm, the tables started filling up and a steady stream of people entered the café.  We had timed it right as our quiet sanctuary of the Mud House got busy!  

dindee cafe in Chiang Mai

DinDee Café is open 9-6pm every day except Monday.

Directions to Dindee Cafe

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