English Cocker spaniel, Eden

Our much loved English Cocker Spaniel Eden, playing in the snow in England a couple of winters ago. 

Since taking her to live with us in Thailand and it has been a long time since her paws have touched snow! 

She also looks much fatter & fluffier in this video than she does now, with her new sleeker look for living in the hot Thai climate!

I’m not sure of the correct amount for loving a dog, but it’s safe to say, We love her too much!

This Video is Sacha’s competition entry into the citizenTV Pets and Animals category. Usually responsible for the writing and photography for 8milesfromhome, Sacha rarely gets the chance to experiment with video editing. If you like this video make sure you rate it 5 stars by visiting this link and clicking the star rating underneath. Who knows Eden could win a prize!

You can see more of Eden on her own website: http://travelerstails.tumblr.com/

Set to a RF song called Tears and Pain from JewelBeat.com

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