Eden at Coffee View Cafe, Route 118.

Heading up to Chiang Rai on the 118 from Chiang Mai, just after the mountain pass, sits a very special little cafe.

We had seen the signs for it as we whizzed passed many times previously, but always thought too late to stop, and before we knew it – it was long gone.  
This time though, we did stop in time and i am so glad that we did!

It isn’t called Coffee View for no reason – walking in and out past the counter, you are greeted with the most amazing view of the Thai countryside and mountains.  Grabbing some seats right on the edge, we sat and stared…Even Eden poked her head through the gaps to check out the view!  

The cafe offers a good selection of coffees and drinks, a basic food menu with Western and Thai dishes.  It is spread over 2 open air levels, and each all displaying the great surroundings. 

We will certainly not forget to stop here again on our journeys further North! 

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