Eden at Pai Canyon

Pai Canyon, just a few kilometers outside of Pai town, a natural formation of eroded narrow ledges, ridges and earth.  An area of scenic landscape and great views out across the Pai valley.

pai canyon

We took Eden with us when we visited here on out way back to Chiang Mai from a weekend spent in Pai.
It is best to visit in the morning or late afternoon and it would make a great place for sunset.  It can get very hot here so it’s advisable to avoid the canyon during the afternoon, especially with a furry companion.  Make sure to take lots of water with you.

pai canyon
Pai Canyon views 
The Grand Canyon it may not be, though it is still very impressive and with a 30 meter drop plus to the canyon floor and nothing in the way of safety barriers, we kept Eden on her lead to avoid any excitable leaps over the edge.
Eden caused a little stir on her visit and made friends with some tourists who were eager to take her photo and give her a stroke!

pai canyon
Eden in Pai Canyon 

It is free to go to the Canyon.  

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