Eden goes to the Vets…
Annual pet vaccinations and teeth cleaning in Chiang Mai

Eden was due her annual vaccinations recently, it was very important for us to keep her up to date with the vaccinations so when the time comes to take her home there will hopefully not be any issues with bringing her back to the UK coming from Thailand.

Her usual vaccination is just the normal 3 in one booster jab which protects against Bordetella Bronchiseptica bacteria, Canine Parainfluenza virus and Adenovirus Type 2.  
As well as this injection Eden had to have a rabies vaccination as we are in a country with a lot of stray dogs and a rabies risk.  
We also knew that this was a requirement before we left England.  
Eden had her 1st rabies jab before we left the country in preparation for arrival into Thailand and for us to be able to bring Eden back to the UK we have to show documented proof that she has regularly been vaccinated against rabies to avoid any quarantine issues.  

We also opted to have her vaccinated against heart worm.  This is something she had not had before, although we give her worming tablets regularly, heart worm is a different strain from the intestinal worms that the tablets prevent against.  
Carried by mosquito bites, we were advised by the vet that she have this done at the same time.  Although it is not compulsory like the rabies shot we didn’t want to take any risks and we went ahead and had this vaccination done as well.  

The total cost for the annual booster, rabies and heart worm vaccinations was 2,600 baht.  (around 55GBP/85USD) 

Teeth Cleaning:
Unfortunately Eden has always had really bad teeth ever since we got her.  Prone to plaque build up and bad breath, even with regular tooth brushing with doggy toothpaste, we couldn’t keep her knashers sparkly white.  
Since we were going to the vets anyway for her vaccinations, we decided to ask about having her teeth cleaned.  
For this procedure to be done it requires putting her under anesthetic but due to Eden’s age (8 years) we had to get her blood tested to make sure she would be strong enough before they would put her under.  The blood test was to check her red and white blood cells as well as her liver and kidney function.  
The next day the vet rang us with a clean bill of health from her test results and so we went ahead and booked her in for the teeth cleaning, descale and polish. 

We dropped Eden off at the vets at 9am and left her in the capable hands of our local vet.  3 hours later they phoned us to let us know the procedure was compete and we could go and pick her up.  
Arriving at the vets we were met with a very dopey Eden. She had been out of the anesthetic for about half an hour but was still wobbly on her feet and I had to pick her up and carry her to the car.  
She was still ‘out of it’ for a good couple of hours once we got home and she curled up on her bed and slept for ages.

The teeth cleaning went without a hitch and we were given 3 days worth of anti-inflammatory tablets to give to Eden twice a day to prevent any soreness and swelling around her gums and mouth.  
We were extremely happy with the service and care that the vets gave her and she now has much prettier, polished teeth!

The total cost for the cleaning was 2,100 baht, including the after care tablets, this works out to around 45GBP/68USD. 
The pre cleaning blood test was an additional 350 baht ( 7GBP/11USD)

Eden went to her local vets for all of the above and we recommend them. The owner and main vet is a friendly lady who speaks good English. 
The Hang Dong Animal Hospital, South from the old city on the highway 108 towards Hang Dong.

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