Eden on Thai Television! 

Eden the English Cocker Spaniel turned into a little star last week when she accompanied Jmayel & I to do a live TV interview on Thai TV5 Morning News in Bangkok.  

We were asked to the TV studios after one of our cinematic videos on Chiang Mai went viral in Thailand and they invited us onto the show to talk about our life in Thailand and what our videos are all about.  
With Eden being a big part of our life here, we couldn’t leave her out so we took her along with us and she was a big hit.  

She sat on my lap throughout the entire interview and everyone loved her, all wanting to have their pictures taken with her afterwards! 
To watch the live interview, Click Here

Watch the video that went viral and got us the interview, Chiang Mai, Local Gems. 

To read more about our trip to Bangkok and the story behind the interview, visit our blog 8milesfromhome.  Or Click Here.  

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