Flow Motion South East Asia – By Drone, Time Lapse & Poetry

These Tiny Moments – Flow Motion South East Asia

When you stay in one place for too long, your perspective begins to alter. Things that once filled your heart with awe become everyday occurrence and inevitably lose their impact. This happens to us all, until you begin to see again the Tiny Moments that surround us. The moments that spark the chemical reaction causing a butterfly flurry inside our core. These Tiny Moments are what inspire us to travel, to eat, drink and feel. Or sometimes, just to stop, and take a moment to really soak in the sights and sounds that we have begun to ignore.

‘These Tiny Moments’. A Flow Motion Production by Drone, Time Lapse, Hyper Lapse, Cinematography and Poetry combined, is our latest view on the world around us. We spent hours creating this episode to really capture how we feel about our journey across South East Asia. And also to highlight the feelings we still need to embrace closer to home, the smaller times that are easy to neglect.

Special credit goes to Sacha El-haj for the poem used in this video. A Valentines gift that ended up shaping the theme for our latest visual collaboration. The Tiny Moments Poem now has a place in my box of permanent memories, and also immortalized into the cinematic audio visual journey that has become our legacy.

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