A MK1 Ford Escort in Thailand

Photo of our classic MK1 Ford Escort in Thailand

On the Road from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai, as the Highway 118 blends seamlessly into Highway 1 Northbound. We stumbled upon this little piece of tranquility. A roadside rest stop that wouldn’t be out of place in a fairytale setting.

Just seconds from the rushing traffic yet shrouded with a peaceful ambiance. With a wooden seating area decorated with draping vines and thick forest blocking out the harsh sunlight. Beams of light filtering through the branches while falling leaves fall silently to the earth below.

The ideal location for an impromptu photo shoot of our Ford Mk1 Escort. That so valiantly transports us from home to destination. Perfect it may not be, but a warrior none the less.

– Jmayel El-haj –


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