Our friends visit us in Thailand

Meet Kamal & Michelle…..

The middle child of the El-haj brotherhood and his long term girlfriend, who also happens to be one of my closest friends. 

They came to Thailand for their holidays and caught up with us in Chiang Mai. After a lengthy 8 months apart, it was fantastic to be reunited with them. 

Kamal is a driving instructor and set up ’Kams Driving School’ in London. Being a lover and owner of an old Ford himself, an ‘88 Orion, he was more than keen to explore North Thailand in the back of our 40 years matured MK1 Escort.
As well as cars, Kam loves football and is an avid Arsenal supporter and FIFA expert.  

The thought of the car, didn’t fill Chelle with quite as much excitement but always looking to explore new places and up for a road trip, driving hundreds of kilometers around the mountains of Thailand was all part of the adventure.  
When once asked what her hobbies were she could only think to say that she loves collecting vouchers! So much so she started a facebook page dedicated to doing just that.  Oh yeah, shes half Spanish and she loves rabbits & cucumbers 😉
We have traveled around Australia together, watched each other jump out of planes as we skydived over the ocean and saw who could scream the loudest as we bungee jumped in the jungle (I think I won).  We have driven to the Sahara Desert with them and spent many winter breaks around the UK huddled in cozy log fire cottages.  
They have been our Best Man and our Bridesmaid, are our best friends and our family.        

…..now its time for a new adventure in Thailand together.  

Sacha El-Haj – 8 Miles from Home 

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