Hill Tribe Home Stay in Chiang Rai

Our Akha Hill Tribe Home Stay experience in Huay Mae Sai Village & exploring the nearby Waterfall 

The smoke rose gently through the air creating a hazy white crest underneath the hill tops over Huay Mae Sai village.  A heavy woody scent emanating around the town from numerous bonfires reminded me warmly of the wintery smell of home back in England.    

Hill tribe homestay chiang raiJmayel with the little shop in the background

The late afternoon sun had begun to dip below the trees giving a gorgeous orangey hue to the atmosphere as we sat outside the little shop, the only one in the far side of Huay Mae Sai village. 
After purchasing ice creams and water to hydrate ourselves after a day out in the sun down by the river, we sat in a sleepy silence. 

The shop owner sat at the next table engrossed in some intricate sewing, stopping only when her little boy came bounding out from a room behind the wares, seemingly asking for snacks as he was cheerfully sent back with a carton of milk and packet of biscuits. 

Everyone that passed the shop, be it sporadically, was greeted with a smile and laugh, conversations drifting as the people continued along the road.  
 Hill tribe homestay chiang rai
A real hill tribe lady, heading home after a day in the fields

A pair of kittens snuggled cozily in the corner and the slow way of village life passed on around us.

Hill tribe homestay chiang raiUltra cute kitties 

A young school girl popped by the shop with a tiny puppy in the basket of her pink bicycle.  Like us, she also picked up an ice cream before heading on her way. 

Hill tribe homestay chiang raiGirl with her puppy

Chickens plucked around the dusty floors and rummaged in the overgrowth pecking at the ground and a young puppy excitedly ran passed, followed by its watchful mother.

Hill tribe homestay chiang rai
Mummy & baby

This is how we spent over an hour of our time, the ice creams having been quickly devoured so as not to lose them to the heat, more snacks were bought.  Few words were exchanged between us, feeling exhausted from the sun and the last couple of days of hectic filming, we unwound as we enjoyed just being.

There is no specific reason for anyone to venture the 25km or so out of Chiang Rai to visit this little village.  Yet for me it was just one of those moments worth noting down. 

Hill tribe homestay chiang raiThe view from our table

Sitting in a quiet rural nook in the hills, surrounded by locals with not a tourist in sight, ice creams and ice teas filling my body as I sat just soaking in my surroundings, husband by my side also in his own little world of contemplation, I felt lucky. 

Having said that, near to this little village is Huay Mae Sai waterfall.  If you are wanting a place that’s quiet and free of other people and want the waterfall all to yourself, then this is the place for you!  

Hill tribe homestay chiang rai imageCooling off at the waterfall! 

We were made aware of this waterfall as we passed by here for a swim on a trek back to Huay Mae Sai from Banyafu Lahu hill tribe village with a guide and a brother and sister who were also on the trek.  We spent 2 hours at the falls and not one other person or tour group showed up.

Hill tribe homestay chiang rai
Enjoying a swim at the falls
Click image for google map of Huay Mae Sai Waterfall

Jmayel and I then went back a day later on our day of exploring Chiang Rai and found the area deserted once again. 
There is a paved road that leads to the falls so you can get there yourself if you have your own transport.  

Hill tribe homestay chiang rai

Then perhaps stop by the little shop at the far end of Huay Mae Sai village for an ice cream…and your own little moment of reflection!  

Hill tribe homestay chiang rai

Google Map of Huay Mae Sai Village: 

View Huai Mae Sai Village Chiang Rai in a larger map

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