Hua Hin Beaches to visit in a day

Our impression of some of Hua Hin’s beautiful beaches close to town

mk1 escort hua hin thailandThe old Escort a long way from Chiang Mai in Hua Hin

After 17 hours on the road in our bouncy old Ford, detours included, we were eager to get out and explore the beaches and sights of Hua Hin. One hour south from Bangkok, we didn’t know much about this Thai beach side town besides what our friends Chris and Angela had written in their Blog. So having them along for the ride was a bonus in helping us seek out some local treasures without too much messing about.

inside a ford mk1 escortA snug fit in the old classic, can you see Eden sleeping there too?

With clear blue skies and the sun shining we headed to Khao Takiab Beach which was the closest desirable beach to town. Driving further south past Yummy Coffee Corner and onward until we reached a outdoor car park with no shade or shelter, we had to pay 20 baht to park our car and travelled a few steps until we reached the sand. This was the first time we had seen a Thai beach since arriving in Thailand almost 2 years prior so we were hoping not to be disappointed.

Khao Takiab Beach Hua HinSach going for a morning walk along the beach

Khao Takiab Beach Hua Hin

What we found was actually a rather pleasant stretch or clear sand and clean waters, with a large standing Buddha statue overlooking the beach reminding us that we were in fact still on Asian grounds. What we liked about this beach was the shallow reflective pools of water that created small streams in the sand. We took some time strolling along the water’s edge and taking photos of the endless expanse of water creating a clean horizontal divide between sky and ocean. It felt good to look at the sea after living around the mountains of the North.

Khao Takiab Beach Hua HinOur first glimpse of Hua Hin Beaches was a good one

Khao Takiab is a large, long beach backed by the luxury Condos and Hotels of Hua Hin. There are a few street vendors lining the entrance from the car park to the sand where you can buy hot cooked food and packaged snacks and drinks. We arrived at 9.20 am and there were only a few people on the beach so it was quite an un-crowded experience, however I suspect due to its location so close to town, this particular beach would most likely fill up rather quickly.

Khao Takiab Beach Hua HinA rather pleasant beach experience. Close to town

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Suan Son Beach Hua Hin

Just before we left we took a quick drive around the corner to the other side of the Buddha statue and discovered Suan Son Beach. Backed by Pine Trees, a small sandy dune that runs along the rear edge and in front of a golf course and military camp, this beach was notably quieter when we visited. We didn’t spend long at Suan Son beach but it was nice to walk along the sand for a few moments before heading back into to town for food and Vietnamese Coffee.

Suan Son Beach Hua HinAll the beaches we visited had sea colours like this

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Khao Tao Sai Noi Beach Hua Hin

The following day Angela and Chris suggested that we spend at least a half day just chilling out on a beach as we had driven all the way from Chiang Mai. After some internet research we spotted Khao Tao Sai Noi beach on the satellite view which looked promising. A nice crescent shape formation just 8km south from the centre of town it seemed like a good excuse to see a different part of Hua Hin, in case we ever decided to move from North Thailand and find a home in the South.

Khao Tao Sai Noi Beach Hua HinOur Favourite Beach near to Hua Hin

Khao Tao Sai Noi was much smaller and more peaceful than the previous two beaches we had visited the previous day, perfect for Eden to join us for her first taste of the sand and sea of Thailand. There were only a few street dogs and they lost interest soon after Eden bared her fangs at them trying to sniff her bum.

English Cocker Spaniel ThailandEden LOVES Sand
English Cocker Spaniel ThailandEdens First Dip in the Thai Sea 🙂
Khao Tao Sai Noi Beach 8 miles from home  Khao Tao Sai Noi Beach 8 miles from homeEnjoying Khao Tao Sai Noi Beach with our Puppy

This beach was ideal for a chill out morning to afternoon. The sea was clean and clear and shallow enough to walk into for a fair distance. We brought a little picnic from the popular Hua Hin Bakery in town and when that food was devoured we bought food and fruit shakes from the food stands lining the rear of the beach. Eden swum in the sea and ran about like crazy (she loves sand) and we all agreed that Khao Tao Sai Noi beach was a great little weekend hangout.

Khao Tao Sai Noi Beach Map

View Khao Tao Sai Noi Beach in a larger map

A Brief Impression
Khao Tao Sai Noi Beach Tieland to ThailandChris & Angela Soaking in the Sea Breeze

Chris and Angela really enjoyed being able to spend a long time soaking in the Sea, having grown up close to water their whole lives they missed the ocean and had begun to feel a little land-locked up in the mountains and hills of Chiang Mai.

Khao Tao Sai Noi Beach 8 miles from home  Khao Tao Sai Noi Beach 8 miles from home It wasn’t long on the beach before we had to climb something 😉

We on the other hand enjoyed a short dose of the sea before heading off down the beach to find some rocks to climb and photograph. The Oceans are often a magical sight, but there is something about mountains, farms and lakes that always calls us back to the North.

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