Watching UK Television online in Thailand – Expat Shield

A free VPN, watching online programmes when abroad is easy!

Expat Shield is a free VPN (Virtual Private Network) and IP address cloaking service which masks your computers identity.  This allows you to browse the internet without revealing your current location so you are able to access sites from the UK.

Expat Shield assigns your computer with a UK address which means you are able to watch content only available in the UK whilst you are in other countries. 
Meaning you can catch up on your favourite TV shows from the UK.  We have access to Channel 4 On Demand, Demand 5, ITV player and BBC iPlayer. 
There are a lot of similar sites on the web that you have to pay a monthly fee for, however Expat Shield is a completely free download and it also protects your privacy and identity, allowing you to browse the internet without worry of hacking or your personal information being accessed.

Expat shield IP address cloaker

We also found a good add-on for the internet browser (Google Chrome or Firefox) called Ad Blocker.
It blocks all of the adverts that come up when you’re watching catch up TV online or on YouTube.
Search the Add-on section in your internet browser and you should find it. 
It’s great when you’re watching catch up TV and you don’t have any adverts to sit through.   

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