Learning Thai – Food Names

Learning the Thai Language, Food Names

Picking up a few Thai names for particular foods can prove rather useful, just like learning Thai numbers, as we have discovered while being here.
Thai words are never spelt the same from one day to the next and pretty much everything has 2 or 3 alternative spellings, however getting the general idea and hearing the word pronounced helps dramatically. 

I have listed some Thai words for foods and restaurant situations to assist with the culture adaptation when moving to or visiting Thailand and learning a new language.

Ahaan – Food
Ahaan Chow – Breakfast
Ahaan Glahng Wan – Lunch
Ahaan Yen – Dinner
Ahaan Wahng – Snack

Pom/Di-chan Dorng Gahn – I’d Like
Kor – Please
Korp kun Ka/Krup – Thank You
Rai Ghan Ahaan – The Menu
Kor Bin Noy – Please bring the bill
A-roy – Delicious

Gai – Chicken
Muu – Pork
Nua – Beef
Plah – Fish

Khao – Rice
Khao Niaao – Sticky Rice
Gaang – Curry
Prik – Chilli
Khai – Egg
Phak – Vegetables
Man Farang – Potato

Phat – Fried
Yahng – Grilled
Neung – Steamed
Tom – Boiled

Gluay – Banana
Sap-Bpa-Rot – Pineapple
Ma-Praao – Coconut
Ma-Muang – Mango
Ma-La-Gaaw – Papaya
Ma-Naw – Lime

Gaa Fae – Coffee
Nam Chaa – Tea
Nam – Water
Lao – Alcohol
Bee-a – Beer
Wai – Wine  
Wai Kow – White wine
Wai Daang – Red wine

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