Learning Thai – Numbers in Thailand

Learning Thai Numbers

Learning Thai numbers has been incredibly useful for us, even just knowing a handful and listening when out and about, trying to pick out the sounds is great practice.
In almost all of the shops we have been in, the costs and totals have been given to us in Thai. 
Too many times passing the cashier a mere 50 baht note when they had actually said 85, then uncomfortably continue to wait for more money as you fumble around in your wallet, blindly handing over what could be the right amount, not really knowing how much change you are going to get. 
Not really knowing what you are doing at all is enough of a push to get learning!

We have picked up numbers quite quickly, even knowing just a few can make a big difference when buying produce in a market or food from street stalls where there is no chance of a digital till flashing up the amount for you to see!  

Although Thai numbers have their own numerals, Western digits are more commonly used throughout Thailand. 

learning thai numbers

Learning the Thai numbers has been much easier to get the hang of than trying to master full sentences and it has proved to be an essential skill to have for our life here. 

Learning a few Thai numbers before a trip to Thailand will set you in good stead and get you ready for the bartering and haggling for your souvenirs in the night markets! 

I recommend having a good phrase book with you, even if it’s just for the reassurance of having the words and numbers right there at your fingertips ready for when you need them.

thai phrase book

Thai Numbers:   

Suun – Zero
– One
Sorng – Two
Sahm – Three
See – Four
Hah – Five
Hok – Six
Jet – Seven
Baat – Eight
Gow – Nine  
Sip – Ten
Sip-et – Eleven
Sip-sorng – Twelve
Sip-sahm – Thirteen
Sip-see – Fourteen
Sip-hah – Fifteen
Yee-sip – Twenty
Yee-sip-et – Twenty One  
Sahm-sip – Thirty
See-sip – Forty
Hah-sip – Fifty
Neung Roy – One Hundred
Neung Pan – One Thousand

What I have written here is just a guideline, for the correct pronunciation and tones of the numbers, visit www.thai-language.com and click on the speaker icons to listen to the audio clips of the numbers being spoken.

Happy counting – It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!! 

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