Living in Thailand for One Year & Learning to Ride a Motorbike

Learning to ride a motorbike and celebrating living in Thailand for one year

With the recent arrival of our new Kawasaki motorbike, which we have named Victor, we decided at the weekend to take it for a spin and christen the newly acquired chunk of metal.  Plus it was a great opportunity for me to learn how to ride a motorbike.  

As it was also the end of our 1st year in Thailand, we took ourselves off for lunch at Huay Tung Tao Lake to celebrate.

The 4km loop surrounding the man made lake was a great place for me to get in some riding practice (I made it into 3rd gear – oh yeahh!)


I haven’t quite got the hang of turning it around yet though, its surprisingly heavy plus I keep forgetting to let go of the brake and how many bruises from the kick start?!

living in thailand learning to ride a motorbike

We hadn’t been to the lake at the weekend before though and it was busy with families picnicking, kids swimming in the lake and floating around on rubber rings, everyone escaping the city fumes and welcoming the cooler air coming off the water.   

living in thailand learning to ride a motorbike

We found ourselves a free bamboo hut to chill out in and ordered iced coffee shakes and chicken and rice watching the leisurely goings on around us. 

living in thailand learning to ride a motorbike

Fruit sellers came by we bought refreshing watermelon, but politely declined the delicately package up bugs and insects nestled cozily next to the fruits.

living in thailand learning to ride a motorbike

We spent a pleasant couple of hours in our waterside hut before I took us on a 3 lap ride around the lake before Jmayel took over (I saw the main road coming up, stalled the bike and then gladly handed the control back to my husband!)

living in thailand learning to ride a motorbike

We drove on to Mae Rim where we almost fell asleep in a coffee shop over our iced mochas.    

living in thailand learning to ride a motorbike

We arrived back at the house as the sun began its slow decent, legs aching, speckled with dirt from being out in the elements, my hair turned into one giant knot from the ride.  We felt knackered, wind whipped and grimy.  Being on a bike all day, coupled with the 38 degree heat of a Thai April, really takes it out of you, but above all that, we were satisfied. 

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