Mae Salong Mountain Home, a lovely pet friendly hotel in Mae Salong…

When we arrived at Mae Salong Mountain Home, a large golden retriever bounded towards the car in greeting, followed closely by a smaller fluffier dog.  The owner was full of smiles as he welcomed us and showed us to our rooms.  Eden and the hotel dogs sniffing each other in curiosity.  

The rooms at Mae Salong Mountain home are lovely, clean, well equipped and most have a private balcony or terrace to enjoy the tea plantation views. 
There is an onsite restaurant which you need as most of the cafes and restaurants in town shut early and there is limited choice for dinners.  
You also need your own transport to get to the hotel, tucked away among the tea plantations, it is too far to walk into the town. 

We really enjoyed our stay at this hotel as did Eden, She joined us while we ate dinner, and we took her for a long walk off the lead through the tea plantations.  

Whether you have a dog or not, we recommend this place for the views alone, and one of the nicest looking hotels in Mae Salong.  

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