My Top 5 Mechanics in Chiang Mai (English Speaking)

My List of trusted Mechanics in Chiang Mai (English Speaking)

Finding trustworthy Mechanics in Chiang Mai was one of the initial things on my mind when we first moved to Thailand. Since then we have been around the block a few times getting our old mk1 Ford Escort up to a good, safe running standard and as a result accumulated a few contacts along the way.

Mechanics in Chiang Mai Ford Escort Mk1 Thailand

Our 41 year old Ford Escort Mk1

I figured that someone somewhere will eventually need this information, as I did, so to help out my fellow expats new and old here is my list of trusted vehicle mechanics in Chiang Mai.

Car Service San Phak Wan (Local Car Mechanic in Chiang Mai):

My ‘Go to’ guys for small to big & custom mechanical & welding jobs 

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This is a family run business near to my home. I discovered them when one day, to my absolute shock and disbelief, I managed to snap my accelerator pedal clean off from its hinge from the strongest point. Needless to say, without a gas pedal I wasn’t going to get far. So I began pushing the old banger under the searing rays of Thailand’s ample sunshine toward the nearest establishment I could see. ‘Car service’ used to be a ramshackle shelter by a fuel station, but I think due to the financial bump from my frequent visits they have managed to move up to a full sized semi outdoor workshop.

The main man at this garage is Khun Josh, and his wife Khun Yah is the family’s English translator. Often when Khun Yah isn’t around I will drive up there and point out the problem, usually Josh will then call his wife and put her on the phone to me so I can explain in more detail what needs to be done.

I’ve had my gearbox changed from a 4-speed to 5-speed here, my clutch replaced, locks repaired and several bits of welding performed. They even changed a couple of tyres for me and sent my propshaft away to a machinist for reconditioning. Most of the time due to the locality and low cost of labour, I will go to ‘Car Service’ first. I trust them and they take care of my basic mechanical needs to a good standard.

As a general price guide; ‘Car Service’ had a reconditioned 5 speed gearbox delivered from Bangkok and fitted to my car, modified the tunnel and changed my gear stick. They changed the clutch and checked the fly wheel, welded up a hole in the exhaust and fitted some new brackets and supplied all the oil and consumables.

The whole job cost me just over 9000 baht (£180 GBP)

Mechanics in Chiang Mai mk1 ford escort pai thailand

The old car gets driven a lot, so a good mechanic is necessary

Air Shock Up (Car Suspension/Shocks Mechanic in Chiang Mai):

My ‘Go to’ guys for suspension, springs, shocks or bushes & alignment 

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Air Shock Up is the master of all things suspension related. When we first got our car we had a violent, dangerous juddering coming from the steering and suspension that no mechanic in Chiang Mai could seem to diagnose. Eventually we found shock master Khun Air who took one look and saw the problem lay in one of our shock absorbers. To save us some gold he opted to recondition the current shock by dismantling it and replacing all the internals, rubbers and oil instead of suggesting a flat out replacement part. Once he’d worked his magic on our suspension and bushes the car glided like a dream. If your car isn’t bouncing right, Air Shock Up is the place to go.

As a general price guide; ‘Air Shock Up’ reconditioned the passenger side front shock and all its mounts. Renewed the worn bushes and ball joints, aligned the front wheels and supplied all the oil and consumables.

The whole job cost me just over 6000 baht (£120 GBP)

B-Quik at Big C Hang Dong 2 (Air conditioning Re-gas top ups)

My ‘Go to’ guys for Air Conditioning gas top ups

View B Quik Big C Hang Dong 2 in a larger map

B-Quik is very much Thailand’s equivalent of the U.K chain of workshops Kwik Fit. They sort out basic car needs like A/C top ups, fluids, batteries, tyres, brakes and servicing. The guy I spoke to at the reception spoke some basic English, enough to understand my needs, and the Air Conditioning gas was topped up in no time at all. They have multiple ramps and seem to be busy most of the time but I’ve never needed an appointment to have small jobs done there. Also you can pay by credit card.

A basic A/C gas top up cost me 500 Baht (£10 GBP)

Save Way on Mahidol Road (Lamina Window Tints, Part Worn & New Tyres, Servicing)

My ‘Go to’ guys for window tints, tyres, spark plugs, HT leads, wheel bearings and brakes

View English Speaking Mechanic Chiang Mai Save Way in a larger map

Save way was the first mechanics workshop that I ever used in Chiang Mai. They have several members of staff that speak pretty good English and the service is very good there.  Truth be told it is a little inconvenient for me to get to when the car is in an un-drivable state so I only go to save way for jobs like having new window tints. I have had several bits done to my car here and the staff are very honest and don’t over charge, in fact they often try to save you money by suggesting other workshops nearby if they can’t do the job with second hand parts. They have a large air conditioned waiting room with a TV and provide water & instant coffee for free.

I had very high quality Lamina Window Tints fitted to my car at Save Way. They did an excellent job, calling in a specialist from Lamina, they removed the old tint and fitted the new films in less than 2 hours with no air bubbles. I was quite pleased.

The Lamina Window Tints cost me just over 4500 baht (£90 GBP)

Khun Nung Motorcycle Mechanic Hang Dong

My ‘Go to’ guy for all kinds of mechanical/custom work on my 2 stroke motorcycle

View 2 Stroke Bike Mechanic Chiang Mai in a larger map

Khun Nung is an amazing 2 stroke Motorcycle mechanic in Hang Dong, Chiang Mai. His workshop is very close to Big C Hang Dong 2 and I trust him with all my motorbike repairs. I wrote a review about his mechanical services prior to this, but his place deserves a second mention. Nungs attention to detail and technical ability with a 2 stroke engine are second to none. He also repairs 4 stroke motorcycles as well and does some basic car servicing too if you ask nicely. His shop is small, behind a spirit house display with no sign, off of the main highway 108 on the way to Doi Inthanon national park.

A full engine rebuild on my Kawasaki Victor 150cc, with pick up and delivery from and to my home cost me just over 7300 baht (£150 GBP)

Mechanics in Chiang Ma Kawasaki Victor 150 burnout Thailand

Everybody loves a burnout 😉

For now, those are the best mechanics and workshops that I care to mention. I have visited several others but I did not receive a good service. I can highly recommend these garages to look after your ride for a good price and to a good standard.

Hopefully this list will help out other stranded expats whose vehicle has failed them in this big confusing world of Auto Mechanics in Chiang Mai.

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