On Thai Tv again! 8 miles from home Viral Video gets featured in Thai Media

Our Video Went Viral – Thailand’s ‘Voice TV’ Newscasters Pick it up

“WATCH THE SEGMENT HERE : LINK – Voice TV Talks About ‘8 Miles From Home’”

Translation from a Thai Fan:
Okay i’ll try to translate to conversation…
Woman reporter: On this weekend if you don’t go to foreign country or go to Japan to see Sakura Trees. Would you like to come to Chiang Mai, Mr Ton?(male reporter)
Mr. Ton: Chiang Mai is an interesting place and good choice for Songkran festival every year. But a few days ago, in social media. People were sharing a video that was produced by British couple that live in Thailand Jmayel & Sacha El-haj. They collect over 6,000 photos and edited it into time-lapse video. This video duration about 3 min. How excited? Let’s watch the clip…..


Mr. Ton: All of this is stills picture but they’re edited and put to sound effects and music, this make the video very interesting an unique.
//This video contains lot of landmarks in Chiang Mai such as Maya mall, Warorot market etc.
//This video is not first video they made. But this video is the latest video they made from their series “8 Miles From Home” they intend to made vlog for keep the memories when stay in Thailand since BC 2555 (Thai year 2555 = 2012).
//They come with their dogs “Eden” and old ford car that bought from BKK.
//“8 Miles From home” Doesn’t mean 8 miles from their birthplace. But it came from their bored life that their car broke down 8 miles from their home in London.
//After that they come to Bangkok and Chiang Mai and they travel to many places in Thailand.
//Their goal is to have 1M subscribes on youtube.
//If you interest about this video You can search on FB or youtube
//I have seen it on youtube and read some comment. Lots of comments are encouraging. But I’ve found interesting comment that asked they to send it to TAT to promote Thailand tourism.

In the comment one viewer suggested them to submit to TAT (Tourism Authority Of Thailand).
8 Miles From Home replied and said “We tried several times over the years but TAT was not really interested to work with us, we are not sure why”.

Mr. Ton: Perhaps we can assumed that their works are too contemporary or it’s too European?!. (Most of government officers are aged and might not interesting in any kind of these works)

Women Reporter: I think when foreign made some video about Thailand. It’s look attractive and unique. Not Common place that we see every day and we don’t mind much about that. They made we think about Thailand in a different way and consider about it.

//Mr. Ton: I think this is like telling another people by mouth to mouth. And I thing this is make viewer interested more than a commercial advertisement for Thailand.

End of Transcript

Right now we are very pleased to have gotten featured on such an influential Thai media show. After over 3 years making videos of our travels in Chiang Mai and Thailand it feels amazing to get some national attention again. You may remember that this isn’t the first time our videos have been noticed on a national scale. A few years back we were invited to the Thai TV5 news studio to be interviewed about our work.


Back then we thought our YouTube channel would have exploded into full blown Thailand fame and recognition. But as any failed celebrity might tell you. The spot light fades fast.

We gained some loyal viewers but our channel growth slowed right down and since, we have been trying to produce something that would impress the Thai audiences again. Our 6771 Photos of Chiang Mai Video did just that and we received another big boost in subscribers. 🙂

The funny thing that we learned from this experience is that how you present your content to the masses can make or break its share ability online. For example, most people in the video making industry will know that all the professional time lapses are or should be made from thousands of still photographs. Not sped up video footage. But how many regular web users know that? So by adding a few Selfies to our Time Lapse video, showing the pictures speeding up from a photo frame rate to a full speed video, brought the public into the moving photograph experience in ways that really impressed them. When they saw the title ‘6771 Photos of Chiang Mai’, it was so much more interesting than ‘Time Lapse Video of Chiang Mai’. So it began spreading.

We are still a long way from our dream goal of 1 million Subscribers to 8 miles from home on youtube. But we believe we will get there one day. Whether that happens in Thailand, or somewhere else in the world. 😉



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