Pai Canyon (Kong Lan) – Things to do in Pai, North Thailand

Things to do In Pai, North Thailand – Visit Pai Canyon (Kong Lan)

We unloaded ourselves out of the sweltering car and into the searing heat of the atmosphere, armed with only a small umbrella for shade, we walked up the hill to the verge of Pai Canyon.
Having driven past the signs many times, it was overdue a visit.

Pai Canyon, Thailand

This unique geographical area has been eroded away over many years and is now full of narrow ledges snaking out into the densely forested valley.  

Pai Canyon, Thailand

There is nothing in the way of safety bars and you are free to venture as far afield into the canyon as you dare. But with a 30 metre plus drop on either side be careful where you tread.     

Pai Canyon, Thailand

There is a wooden lookout point that you can climb up but to be honest I thought it was a better view from the ground as there was a big tree in front of the ‘viewpoint’ blocking the lovely scenery!

Pai Canyon or Kong Lan as it’s known in Thai is 8km outside of Pai and is best explored in the mornings as there is not a lot in the way of shade and it gets very hot in the afternoon.  I know this from experience!

Pai Canyon, Thailand

It is free entry and even if you don’t have the nerve to walk too far into the canyon, or fancy scrambling your way along the ridges, the sights from the edge are just as rewarding. 

Pai Canyon, Thailand

There are stunning views out across the Pai valley.  Although it can’t compare to the Grand Canyon by any means, Pai Canyon is certainly impressive and worth going to see if you are in the area.

Pai Canyon, Thailand
Me, J & Eden at Pai Canyon 

View Pai Canyon the grand canyon of thailand in a larger map

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