Paying the Electricity Bill in Chiang Mai (when it’s damaged!)

How to pay the Electricity Bill when it’s damaged

Moving to Thailand was no easy task and once here we had to find our feet pretty quickly.  With all the new surroundings, moving country, moving house, you don’t think about the normal things at first.  Things like going to the supermarket and paying the household bills soon bring you back down to reality and out of the travelling phase with a bump.

The electricity bills put outside your door, in their special little boxes, are delivered by the electric fairy.  I say this as I have never actually seen anyone putting them in there, they just seem to appear, usually right at a time when we have no spare cash! We soon worked out that paying them was a fairly simple process.
Electricity bill chiang mai
Paying electricity bill in Chiang Mai

The 7-11 shops are a big deal in Thailand and it feels like you are never more than a road or two away from one.  This is where we pay our electricity bills.  Simply just hand them to the cashier who scans the barcode, adds on a small fee and you pay the total. 
Really easy to do and it’s great to be able to pay your bills while picking up a lemon ice tea or some cheesy cheetos.
This is all very well if the bill gets to you in perfect condition.  One month we had been away for 5 nights. The bill was delivered into our little bill box and by the time we came back, thanks to the hot and steamy weather during the rainy season in Chiang Mai, our bill was stuck fast to the metal. 

damaged electricity bill

No amount of gentle coaxing, steaming or moistening was going to remove the paper sheet intact and we ended up with a torn, wrinkled scrap of paper with half the information left inked onto the box.

We took our sorry looking bill to 7-11 where they told us we wouldn’t be able to pay the bill there as they were unable to scan it and were told to phone the electric company.
The staff gave us the phone number and after a few tries we managed to relay our situation to them. 
We had to go to the electricity authority building instead which is located near the Baan Tawai tourist village.

electricity bill

Once in there, we were a bit confused what to do as there were no signs in English.
Turns out, you have to get a ticket from the machine near the desk, press the number one button and wait for your number to be called. 
Hand over the bill and they can check up your information on their system where you just pay the amount over the counter. 

electricity bill chiang mai electricity bill

Also if you pay your bills here, even if they are not damaged, you do not have to pay the fee charged by 7-11.  

EPA Chiang Mai

EPA Hang Dong Branch (Electricity Provincial Authority)
Go towards Hangdong and turn left for the Baan Tawai Tourist Village. Follow the road for a short while and the building is on the right hand side.

EPA chiang mai
Address: 197 Moo 8, Tambon Nong Kaeo district, Chiang Mai, 50230.
Telephone No: 053441093 or 053440111
Open 08:30-16:30 

EPA Chiang Mai
Entrance to the EPA 

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