Pet Friendly Hotel Review, Ketawa Stylish Hotel in Chiang Mai

A True Pet Friendly Hotel in Chiang Mai City, Ketawa Stylish Hotel

By True Pet Friendly, I mean, this place is geared up for dogs.  At least it will be once the latest renovations are completed.
The hotel is currently in the process of building 2 new garden areas full of real grass, one for small toy dogs and one for larger breeds, once complete, it will make this hotel in Chiang Mai stand out a head above all the other pet friendly hotels around.

pet friendly hotel in chiang mai

We have found in some cases, hotels that state they are pet friendly, simply just tolerate having your dog in the grounds, they allow you to bring your dog to stay with you but this doesn’t always mean that they are pet friendly.   Sometimes the staff seem unsure when you turn up with your dog in tow, or sometimes the hotel will charge you a hidden fee on check out for having your pet with you under the pretense of it being for extra laundry costs and some hotels only allow dogs out of season, when they struggle to fill the occupancy in Thailand’s quieter, rainier months. 

pet friendly hotel in chiang maiJ & Eden chillin’ pool side

A real pet friendly hotel should be welcoming to you and your dog, have outdoor space and generally be pet friendly! We have stayed at places stating they are pet friendly hotels, only to turn up to find they have none of the above credentials and it can then lead to problems when needing to walk the dog or feeling that maybe our dog wasn’t welcome and we shouldn’t bring her out too much around the grounds.

pet friendly hotel in chiang maiEden in the garden

Ketawa Stylish Hotel was not only very welcoming to us, but also to Eden and she met the resident Pomeranian puppy on arrival.  

pet friendly hotel in chiang mai pet friendly hotel in chiang mai The resident pomeranian, Linen, 8 months old at the time we stayed

After speaking to Orn the managing Director of the hotel, we found out they are not only pet friendly to small dogs, like a lot of hotels state, but they welcome dogs of all shapes and sizes.  They recently had an Alaskan Malamute come to stay followed by a Golden Retriever.  This hotel is not just for the Pomeranians and Chihuahua’s that you so regularly see around Thailand. 

pet friendly hotel in chiang maiEden enjoying our stylish room

Ketawa Stylish Hotel Video

The hotel lives up to its stylish name with well thought out room designs, large and spacious as well as each individual room having its own allocated color scheme. 

pet friendly hotel in chiang maiOur bedrooms gorgeous interior

We were staying in the Grey Room which was fantastic.  To go with each rooms individual colour scheme, the rooms have their own special aroma bathroom toiletries, the Grey Room’s unique scent was Lemon, Basil and Black Pepper, which was delightful and we thought was a very nice touch.  pet friendly hotel in chiang mai pet friendly hotel in chiang mai The bathroom with specialist toiletries 

As well as a large space, comfortable bed and hip furnishings and artwork adorning the walls, the room also came with a hairdryer, full length mirror and wall mounted television.  The fridge was stocked with a low priced mini bar rather than the usual extortionately priced products that normal await you in a hotel mini bar!

pet friendly hotel in chiang maiEden loved Ketawa Stylish Hotel 

There is complimentary tea, coffee and bottled water in all the rooms as well as free wifi.
There is also a laundry service which is offered at extra cost.

The hotel itself is very atmospheric, I liked it straight away when walking through the doors.  A comfortable seating area on the ground floor with sofas and coffee tables set out around shelves of magazines, made it feel like an outdoor living room and I couldn’t wait to sit and relax with a coffee in this space.

pet friendly hotel in chiang mai
Outside living space

There is also a small covered swimming pool in a decked area with towels and sun loungers laid out ready for guests to use.

pet friendly hotel in chiang maiSwimming Pool area 

The onsite Ketawa Kafe is lovely, a great selection of drinks as well as food options and specialty ice creams are all available.  Again, it is a nice space with sun umbrellas and tables set out around a decked garden setting. 

pet friendly hotel in chiang mai

pet friendly hotel in chiang maiKetawas onsite cafe 

Ketawa Stylish Hotel in Chiang Mai, It is one of the nicest pet friendly hotels we have stayed in with Eden.   They have really got it right in terms of pet friendly hotels and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay.  The great thing about Ketawa Hotel is that, even though it is pet friendly, it is also a fantastic choice to stay, even without a pet.  Next time we are in Chiang Mai, we will certainly return to stay at this hotel.

pet friendly hotel in chiang maiKetawa Stylish Hotel 

Ketawa Stylish Pet Friendly hotel is located just a few minute’s walk from Narawat bridge and the Ping River.  

Map of Ketawa Stylish Pet Friendly Hotel:

View Pet Friendly Ketawa Stylish Boutique Hotel in a larger map

If you would like to book a room at this hotel, you can do so through the below links: 

Ketawa Stylish Hotel on

Ketawa Stylish Hotel on

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