Pet Friendly Hotels in Sukhothai (Central Plains)

After our visit to Sukhothai and staying at the pet friendly DD Resort, I have listed below a few other pet friendly hotels in the area.

DD Resort, Pet friendly hotels in Sukhothai
Eden relaxing at the DD Resort in Sukhothai

Mountain View Guesthouse
Located 15km from the city centre this 3 star guesthouse offers fan or air con rooms and has an onsite restaurant, swimming pool and garden.  

Sukhothai Guesthouse
This guesthouse offers fan or air con rooms with an onsite coffee shop, restaurant and garden. 

No.4 Guesthouse
This 2 star guesthouse has an onsite restaurant and 7 basic fan only rooms.  Mosquito nets are provided over the beds.  

Read my review of our stay at the pet friendly DD Resort.

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