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Where to get Quad Multicopter Drone RC spares & repairs in Chiang Mai

Steadidrone QU4D Tarot T2D GimbalPost Repair– J Practicing flying the Steadidrone QU4D – Looking Cool 😉

In our never ending quest to be the best at what we do, it was only a matter of time before we bought a Quadcopter Radio Controlled Aerial Drone so that we could take our videos to new heights.  😉 hehe However being a ‘Quadranaught’ in training requires a certain amount of crashing into trees and paddy fields, which ultimately led me on a quest to find a Quadcopter multirotor repair shop in Chiang Mai.

Steadidrone QU4D crashFeeling Very Frustrated after several crashes

At first this was not a simple task, Quadcopters are still quite unknown to the general public at present so the chances of me finding a website or directions in English to a Drone repair or parts shop in Chiang Mai was going to be challenging.

Steadidrone QU4D skyWhen it goes this high, you want to make sure it’s working properly

Fortunately with a stroke of luck, on the same day that I ungracefully slammed the flying beast into the tarmac propeller first, I saw in a photo on the Chiang Mai Speedkart facebook page that a man was flying an advanced looking selection of DIY drones over the race track to film some aerial footage. Immediately I emailed to ask the track owner Nana who the guy was and she gave me the details of a company called ‘Birds Eye View Chiang Mai’.

After that the search for an RC aerial drone repair shop became 100 times simpler. The pilot at the track messaged me on facebook with a map marker of his friends shop called ‘CM Flying’. That same day Sacha and I jumped on the back of Victor and sped down to the shop to meet Den. His shop is tiny and hidden away down a side street near to the CM Arcade bus station.

Quadcoper Repairs CM Flying Chiang Mai image CM Flying RC Shop Sign & Den the store manager

Despite its size, Dens shop seemed to be a hive of activity. 2 staff members were crouched over circuit boards, radio controllers and tubes of carbon fibre and aluminium while Den greeted me over the shoulder of another customer who held a small helicopter in his hand.

Quadcoper Repairs CM Flying Chiang MaiStaff Busy creating a DIY Multi Rotor Drone from Scratch

Patiently waiting my turn Sacha and I perused around the stores items available for purchase. There were RC helicopters on shelves, replacement motors a plenty and fortunately an ample supply of propellers for my Quadcopter in a variety of colours.

Quadcoper Repairs CM Flying Chiang MaiRadio Controlled Helicopters on Display

Quadcoper Repairs CM Flying Chiang MaiAmple supply of replacement props

Den was very friendly and did his best to communicate in English. He knew enough to understand my needs and within a few minutes he was fitting a new propeller and nut to my Steadidrone QU4D.

Quadcoper Repairs CM Flying Chiang MaiDen fitting the new prop to my drone

Quadcoper Repairs CM Flying Chiang MaiThinking about going back for some more upgrades 😉

When he was finished I asked him about possible upgrades for my Quadcopter and he showed me some examples of stabilized brushless gimbals for our camera. To keep the Go Pro level with the horizon while it flies through the sky. We vowed to return to get one fitted. 

Quadcoper Repairs CM Flying Chiang Mai Quadcoper Repairs CM Flying Chiang Mai Den putting a boot washer on the QU4D before I left

Buying the Tarot T-2D 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal Chiang Mai

2 Weeks later I went back to CM Flying to have the Tarot T-2D Brushless Gimbal fitted.

Steadidrone QU4D Quadcopter Tarot T-2D 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal fittedQuadcopter with Tarot T-2D 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal fitted

Den did a brilliant job of fitting the Gimbal to my drone, setting up the roll and tilt limits for the motors with his laptop and even building me some aluminum leg extensions free of charge!

imageProud of our new buddy ‘Captain Buzzer’

As cinematic film makers this purchase was essential. It has turned the video clips from rough and jerky unusable flight logs to a beautifully smooth, level, cinematic style film. The new Gimbal also has vibration dampening rubbers to take the resonating blur out of the footage completely leaving a sharp smooth result. 

Costs of parts and repairs at CM Flying

A pair of 10 x 4.5 propellers for an RC aerial drone cost 110THB per packet. I bought two packets for my four motors and he threw in the new nut for free. The props are well balanced and seem to be an exact replacement of the stock ones that came with the QU4D.

Here is a breakdown of everything I spent at CM Flying:

Tarot T-2D 2-Axis Gimbal = 5500THB
Service, Setup & Fitting = 500THB
Mini 900mah Lipo Battery for Gimbal = 260THB
Lipo Battery low level warning alarm = 180THB
Custom Made Aluminum Legs = FREE (Thanks Den 😉
Propellers x 4 10"x4.5 size = 220THB

Total = 6660THB

Testing out the Tarot T-2D GimbalTesting out the new Nimble Gimbal – Tarot T-2D

Overall I was very happy with the service at CM Flying and would recommend Den and his shop to anyone seeking an RC Shop in Chiang Mai.

Ordering Multi Rotor Parts Online in Thailand – JDrones.com

imageDrones, RC & Multi Rotor Spares

I have also discovered a great website for ordering your own parts online from Bangkok. Us Rotor Pilots are an ever tinkering bunch and there are so many new upgrades being developed daily. It is only a matter of time before that flight controller you’re using becomes yesterdays technology ;-). JDrones.com is a company based in Bangkok that has its own brand of Quad and Hex copter and supplies some of the latest popular Flight Controllers, ESCs and Motors that multirotor enthusiasts will know all about.

Its worth checking out if you wish to tinker with your Drone and keep its technology up to date. 😀

Jmayel El-haj – 8 Miles from Home

Here is a google map marker of the exact location of CM Flying

View CM Flying – Quadcopter Multi-rotor RC Shop Chiang Mai in a larger map

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