Sailing In Burma’s hidden paradise, Mergui Islands 

A sailing video we shot around the Mergui Archipelago in the Andaman Sea

Sailing in Burma, Myanmar around the Mergui Archipelago Islands is an experience that very few people get to take.

So when we won a competition to join Burma Boating on the Meta IV for a 5 day video assignment we were very excited to have the opportunity to visit the area.

These 800 scarcely explored islands in the Andaman sea are a place of extreme beauty. Home to the Moken Sea Gypsy people, there are chances to see an ancient, remote way of living in the Moken communities.

Taking the opportunity to sail silently between almost untouched, secret white sand beaches with no one else around is a life event you’ll never forget.

We created this high end corporate sailing video for Burma Boating & had a fantastic experience in the process.   

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Music Composed by Simon Wilkinson:

Track Title: The Harder Ground

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