Mae Hong Son – Salween River Restaurant and Bar Review

Our review on Salween River, A good quality restaurant in Mae Hong Son

No visit to Mae Hong Son would be complete without eating at Salween River restaurant. In our short 3 day stay there, we ate there 3 times and it would have been more if Jmayel hadn’t twisted my arm to eat somewhere different one night, it was his birthday trip after all!

Salween River Restaurant

The restaurant is positioned along Thanon Jongkham, the road opposite the lake. Though Salween River is just slightly too far up the road to get a water view, it simply doesn’t matter.  This restaurant doesn’t need the bells and whistles of a great location to draw customers in, the menu does that all by itself.

Salween River Restaurant

I get excited when I’m around good food – the anticipation of what is about to be brought to you, your carefully chosen choice from the menu is turned from printed letters into edible delights.

So when we came across Salween for the first time, I was un-aware of what was to come.  Yet when your mouth starts to salivate at even just the smell evaporating from the kitchen, chances are you’re in for a treat.
The menu offered us a wide selection of Burmese, Shan, Thai and Western food as well as hot and cold drinks, fruit shakes and lassis. They also sell cocktails and other alcoholic beverages.

Salween River Restaurant salween river restaurant salween river restaurant
Fruit shakes 

On our first visit we ordered up a feast, having just arrived after a long drive, we were famished and we settled down for a late lunch just as the rains began to pour. 

salween river restaurant

I had my first taste of Northern Thai Khao Soy and it did not disappoint, I was glad of the large bowl it was presented in as I didn’t want the creamy noodle soup to end while Jmayel devoured the Burmese beef and pineapple curry.

Salween River restaurant salween river restaurant
salween river restaurant

Shan style poppadum’s with homemade salsa and Thai spring rolls made up our very satisfying meal washed down with fruit shakes and coffee.   

salween river restaurant
Shan Poppadum’s 

Salween river restaurant
Thai Spring Rolls 

It was the homely, cosy atmosphere, the friendly staff and the delicious food that kept us coming back for more and we weren’t alone in this discovery, each time we were there the same people turned up again and again. 

Once you’ve found a good restaurant, there’s no need to go anywhere else and Salween is no exception!  This restaurant made our trip to Mae Hong Son and we will definitely be returning next time we are in the town.

salween river restaurant
Burmese Potato Cakes 

If you want authentic, mouth watering food in a laid back welcoming setting whilst in Mae Hong Son, Salween River Restaurant comes highly recommended.

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