Sukhothai Historical Park – Cycling Sukhothai

Renting Bicycles in Sukhothai

Having visited this beautiful ancient city of ruins three times, we took the opportunity on our last visit to rent pedal bikes and cycle Sukhothai with our friends.

cycling sukhothaiGetting ready to ride with Ju & Stu

At just 20 baht per bicycle from the stand at the rear car park behind the historical park entrance, we were soon off on our way around the ruins on pedal power alone. It really is great way to cover the large distances between ruins with ease, and as a bonus the swift breeze from the fast movement is quite refreshing.

imageIt’s one of the best ruin sites to explore in Thailand

There are not many shady places around Sukhothai Historical Park and it can get very hot exploring and photographing all the amazing statues and structures.

sukhothai historical parkStu taking in the beauty of the ancient ruins and statues

Also it’s great fun to get your friends together and power down the straights on a bike. I had forgotten what it felt like to play around on two wheels like when I was a child, popping wheelies, skidding around corners and racing each other like a bunch of kids once again.

cycling sukhothai  cycling sukhothai Cycling Sukhothai with friends was pretty fun

Sukhothai Historical Park is one of our favourite heritage sites in Thailand and exploring by bicycle brought new life to the experience. We highly recommend it.

cycling sukhothaiRed for the Boys, Pink for the Girls 😉

Sukhothai Historical Park Prices & options:

Entrance to the park at the time of writing (03/2014) is:

100 baht per adult

20 baht to bring your rented bicycle inside

30 baht to ride a motorcycle into the park

50 baht to drive your own car into the grounds

Pet Friendly Hotels in Sukhothai

* Baan Thit

* Sukhothai Guest House

* Phupreugsa Resort

Garden House

* Le Sukhothai Resort

Where we parked and rented the Bicycles Map:

View Sukhothai Historical Park Car Park in a larger map

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