Temple in Chiang Mai, Wat Pra Singh

Best temples in Chiang Mai, Wat Pra Singh

Of the many temples in Chiang Mai, Wat Pra Singh is a popular one, it is located at the Samlan Road end of Ratchdamnoen Road in the old city center of Chiang Mai within the ancient moat walls.

Wat Pra Singh, chiang Mai

Wat Pra Singh, or Temple of the Lion Buddha, is an active temple and monastery, with around 700 monks studying here. 

It was founded in the early 14th century and it has now become one of Chiang Mai’s most popular and important temples, raised to the 1st class status of a Royal Temple in 1941, or the year 2483 if going by the Buddhist calendar. 

The entrance to Wat Pra Singh doesn’t inspire much confidence in the beauty hidden beyond. 

Venture behind the first building, the Viharn (Assembly Hall) where the grounds of the Wat then become more pleasing.

temple in chiang mai Buddhist gong in Wat Pra Singh Buddhist statue, Wat Pra Singh
burning candles

Take in the intricate Lanna architecture of the other temple buildings.   

Wat Pra Singh, Chiang Mai

Enjoy the secluded grassy areas and lanes in this Wat which are great to wander slowly through whilst contemplating the spiritually inspired quotes from the ‘Talking Trees’

Spiritual quote spiritual quote
spiritual quote spiritual quote

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