Thailand Travel Video – Parents come to visit from England

Meet the Parents

Episode 10 of 8 Miles from home is the cinematic Thailand Travel Video and a montage of what happened when J and Sach hosted an action packed holiday adventure for Irma and Badru El-haj, Jmayel’s parents visit from England.

After their trip to Burma together they spent 2 weeks traveling around north Thailand. In an interview Jmayel recounts how it felt to try an show his parents a good trip. Detailing the importance of hoping that they would come to a greater understanding of the reasons they left the UK to seek out an alternative future.

There were train journeys, karaoke moments, beautiful landscapes, road trips and the inevitable breakdown of the not so mighty Mk1 Escort. Completed with the epic finale of the Yi Peng festival at Mae Jo University in Chiang Mai.

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