Traveling with Pets, Our trip to Bangkok, Thailand

Is Bangkok Pet Friendly?

In short, the answer is a firm No!
We had to travel down from Chiang Mai to Bangkok on a commissioned trip from to create 6 short films on the city.
We drove down as opposed to flying so we could take our dog Eden with us, not wanting to leave her up in Chiang Mai.

Bangkok City

We spent 3 nights in Bangkok, however it is incredibly dog unfriendly – In all of the green spaces and public parks, dogs are banned and not allowed. However the street dogs roam freely around the parks with no one to clean up after them.

Dogs in Bangkok
No Dogs Allowed

Bangkok is a massive concrete jungle and if your dog is used to grass and a garden, it is unlikely they will find any in Bangkok. 

Most condos and apartments don’t allow pets and finding a central place to stay can be tricky with most of the pet friendly hotels being outside of the city centre.
Some hotels have weight limits on the dogs that they will allow, sometimes 7kg or under.  Always check the hotels policy before booking.

We stayed at the Wanghin 46 Apartment hotel, which was a 30 min taxi ride from the city centre in the Lat Phrao area.  
The room had a small balcony but the apartment building didn’t have a garden or any outdoor space so walking Eden was a bit of a problem.

Pet friendly apartment in Bangkok
Me & Eden at our dog friendly apartment

There are a couple of pet friendly businesses in the city, notably the Ozono Dog Mall.  It is a shopping complex with cafes, restaurants and shops all allowing pets inside, as well as a grassy green patch for the dogs to run, play and socialise.   
It is located on Soi 39 Sukhumvit Road at the Petchburi Road end.  There is parking on site.

There is also a dog swimming pool, called Doggie Do.  It is also a dog groomers, trainers and offers boarding.   There are two branches in Bangkok.  One, the Yenakart Branch, is located on 71 Soi. Yenakart Nanglinchee Rd. Chongnonsee Yanawa Bkk. 10500, The other, Rangsit branch is in Thanyaburi Pathumthani 12310. 

Travelers Tails

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