Unusual Cafe in Chiang Mai

Themal Cafe, An unusual cafe in Chiang Mai

The area around Chiang Mais Warorot Market and China Town is a maze of narrow passages.
Streets lined with fruit sellers, stalls bursting at the seams with products.  
Tuk tuks and songtheaws snaked past us as we wandered, soles on pavement, exploring the interesting alleyways and shops.  Taking in the surroundings which at times seem exotic and unusual.  
Breathing in the unfamiliar as each step takes us along a new path.  

unusual cafe in chiang mai

Its times like these when you might stumble upon a secret.   
When you might find something that makes you smile, a hidden gem of sorts.
This is what it felt like as we entered a shop, an Aladdin’s cave of colourful lanterns, scarves and jewelry and home to a rather unusual cafe in Chiang Mai.  

unusual cafe in chiang mai

At the back of the enchanted cave is a set of stairs, leading you up into a fantastic café.  Something that you would not expect to be there.

unusual cafe in chiang mai cafe in chiang mai

A friend of ours found the café and had visited once before, we joined her as she retraced her steps to find it once more and share her discovery.

The café, decorated with mosaic lamps, mis matched furniture and cloth lanterns adorning the outside, has a distinct Middle Eastern feel, although it would fit in with some of our other travels through ethnic India, Morocco or Asia.  

cafe in chiang mai

cafe in chiang mai

It’s a quirky place with some seating along the window so you can look out over the bustling streets below. 
Making you a hidden observer as you sip a coffee or enjoy a snack, a place to rest and recharge before continuing with the stroll through the markets nearby, searching for more discoveries.

unusual cafe in chiang mai

The café serves a wide selection of hot and cold drinks, smoothies, shakes and juices as well as a full menu of food, from curry and rice, to waffles and cakes.

cafe in chiang mai cafe in chiang mai cafe in chiang mai
cafe in chiang maicafe in chiang mai
cafe in chiang mai

After your first visit, it’s almost guaranteed that you will want to return.  
It made us wonder how many more of these tucked away spots there are, just waiting for us to find them.

cafe in chiang mai

Enjoy your exploration through Chiang Mai, you never know what you may find!

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