Pet Hotel at Chiang Rai Pet Hospital

Chiang Rai Pet Hospital, A place for your pets to stay, while you go away!

When we booked tickets to go to Phuket for a few days for a work trip that came up suddenly, we were worried about what to do with Eden.  Since moving up to Chiang Rai we hadn’t yet had the need to leave her at such short notice and we didn’t want to have to drive all the way back to Chiang Mai for one of our trusted friends to look after her. So we were faced with a challenge of finding somewhere safe for her to go while we were away.  

pet hotel and vets in chiang rai

A fruitless internet search gave us little, and a couple of emails we sent to possible animal businesses were met with no reply. 

Chiang Rai Pet Hospital & Pet Hotel/Kennel 

We found out about the Chiang Rai Pet Hospital on Facebook.  As well as being a pet hospital they have also opened up their top floor as a Pet Hotel / Boarding Kennel.  We sent them a message via the facebook page and they responded within a few hours. Chiang Rai Pet Hospital is run by a friendly, English speaking vet and we can highly recommend it. 

pet hotel and vets in chiang rai

Chiang Rai Pet Hospital is in the centre of town

We had actually taken Eden to this vets previously when she needed some anemia tablets, but they didn’t have the right medication in stock and so they directed us to Mhor Anon Vets, a little further into the City. (see bottom of the post for more details on this.)

At the time we didn’t realize that Chiang Rai Pet Hospital was also a pet hotel / kennels, but we are very glad we found it, especially for short stays at short notice. We have never previously put Eden into any kind of kennels in the past so we were a little concerned about her. But after an initial inspection of the boarding area and meeting the staff our minds were put at ease.

pet hotel and vets in chiang rai

Costs were not an issue, Chiang Rai Pet Hospital is very reasonable with the prices varying depending on the weight of your dog. Clearly listed on the wall in the lobby.

pet hotel and vets in chiang rai

For Eden’s size, a dog under 15 kilos, it was 170 THB per night including food and the total for her 4 night stay at the Chiang Rai Pet Hospital was 680 THB which we thought to be very good value. (13 GBP for 4 nights with food)  

The vets provide the food for your pet during the course of their stay in the hotel, but you can bring your dog/cats own food if you prefer. At home Eden eats canned Sardines mixed with dry biscuits, so we provided the staff with enough fish for her stay and they mixed it with their own dry biscuit brand.

pet hotel and vets in chiang rai

All the cages were quite large with a rubbery slatted foundation

The room that the animals are kept in is clean, bright and air conditioned, there are different sized cages depending on your dogs needs. Eden’s cage was 12 times her size and she snuggled up in the corner on one of her own beds from home. There were no unsanitary smells and there is also a separate room for cats.

pet hotel and vets in chiang rai

You can see here how much space eden had in her ‘room’ 😉

The dogs are let out twice a day and there is some space at the back of the building where they are be lead / leash walked and exercised.

pet hotel and vets in chiang rai

The street behind the hospital was very quiet

While we were away we missed Eden very much and decided to contact the Pet Hotel via facebook to see how she was doing. Within a few hours we were told by the staff that she was eating all her food and was getting on nicely with everyone! They even sent us a little photo of her smiling in her cage. This is what they said:

“Hi Sacha, Eden is a good girl, she can eat and play normally. Don’t worry about she. We will take care for you :-)”

pet hotel and vets in chiang rai

The photo sent to us by the staff whilst we were in Phuket

When we picked Eden up she was very happy to see us, and as much as we were happy to see her, we knew she had been well looked after. She was clean and didn’t smell even though she hadn’t been washed during her stay (Which is a service you can ask for as well as grooming)

pet hotel and vets in chiang rai  image

We will definitely have Eden stay here if we go away for a short trip without her again, but because it is caged boarding I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving Eden her for a long duration, but less than a week it is fine and ideal. 

As well as the Vets and Hotel, Chiang Rai Pet hospital also offers dog grooming services and has a little pet shop where you can buy food, and accessories such as leads and dog beds.  

pet hotel and vets in chiang rai

We opted to have Eden groomed at the Chiang Rai Pet Hospital after seeing how well looked after she had been there.  
We left her for 3 hours and picked up a smooth, floral smelling doggy, wearing a new red polka dot bandanna they had tied round her neck.  Eden looked very sweet and certainly much neater after her bath and haircut. At a cost of just 350 THB (7 GBP / 10 USD)   

Eden after her Grooming Session 

Chiang Rai Pet Hospital is located on Ratyotha Road, opposite the PTT Fuel station. (Map Below) It is open from 9am – 8pm every day and they have a membership system that entitles you to various discounts on boarding and items within the store. Membership costs 30 THB for a discount card.

You can contact them via facebook like we did:
Chiang Rai Pet Hotel FB Page

Or call directly and ask for ‘Dr Mod’ at this number: 083-007-9414
She speaks English 😉

Full address is:198/9 Moo 16, Tambon Robwieng, Amphoe Muang Chiang Rai. 57000


Map of Chiang Rai Pet Hospital & Hotel

Other Recommended Vets in Chiang Rai 

Mhor Anon Vets


This vet and pet hospital is run by Dr Anon, a highly recommended English speaking vet. We were originally referred to Mhor Anon by our previous Vet in Chiang Mai who claimed that he was the most competent Pet Doctor in Chiang Rai.  
We took Eden to this animal hospital soon after we moved to Chiang Rai. She was very lethargic and weak and it turned out that she had a blood parasite infection from tick bites. She needed some Hormone injections and anemia medication.  She spent a night under observation there while having blood tests.  She was very well taken care of and the vet and all the staff we encountered were very professional.  Eden made a full recovery after a 2 week course of medication.
Eden was well looked after and we were very happy with the service. 
Mhor Anon is open 24 hours and there are always staff on call for any animal emergencies.  

Mhor Anon Animal Hospital is located on Sankhongluang Road. 

Map of Mhor Anon Vet, Chiang Rai

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