Khun Korn Waterfall, Chiang Rai

Khun Korn Waterfall, the best waterfall we have seen in Thailand

North Thailand is full of waterfalls.   In some areas, you can’t drive for more than a few kilometers without seeing a sign for a waterfall, be it by the side of the road or an hours trek through the forest to get to it, you are certainly spoiled for choice with these natural wonders of Thailand.

khun korn waterfall chiang raiKhun Korn Waterfall 

When we moved house and relocated up to Chiang Rai we found ourselves living in one of these hot spot areas for waterfalls, the drive along highway 118 on the approach to town offers many stop points where you can see these wet cascades in all their glory.  However it wasn’t until we arrived at our new house, we found out we were now living just a 15 minute drive from the tallest and most well-known waterfall in all of Chiang Rai Province, Khun Korn waterfall. 

khun korn waterfall chiang raiFirst sighting of the falls, selfie time! 🙂 

Standing a mighty 70 meters tall it is certainly one of the most powerful waterfalls I have ever been near.     

It has made its home in the Khun Korn Forest Park, despite this, it is free to enter the park and visit the waterfall.  After an enjoyable 20 minute walk from the car park through the forest, you come face to face with this impressive landmark.

khun korn waterfall chiang raiThe walk to the waterfall

Take note that you can’t avoid getting wet once you are in the vicinity of Khun Korn.  You will be showered in its fine spray from as soon as you arrive at the top of the steps to walk down to the base of the falls. 

There is a nice pool at the foot of the falls where you can cool off, although the water it is only waist high at the deepest point with lots of rocks and uneven footing underneath, so swimming is out, but it makes for a great place to splash around and take in the intensity of this amazing waterfall.    

On our first visit to the falls, Jmayel went into the water and discovered you can actually go right underneath the forceful torrent and sit behind the ever tumbling water in a little rocky cave.

khun korn waterfall chiang raiJmayel under the waterfall 

Khun Korn waterfall is noisy from the vigorous falls and you do get completely soaked just standing by the edge, the closer you get to the watery avalanche, the harder it is to hear anything but water dominating your ears.  We managed to find a dryer spot a little way back from the falls and sat on the rocks and had a picnic which was rather nice. 

khun korn waterfall chiang raiPicnic at the falls 

We have been back a second time to Khun Korn already and for such a well-known and prominent waterfall, there has never been more than a couple of people there.  The first time we visited, a Thai family were splashing in the gentle rock pool but they left after 15 minutes, leaving us the entire area all to ourselves and last time we went we had the place all to ourselves once again.  

khun korn waterfall chiang raiJmayel after his swim at the falls 

We visited both times in the ‘out of season’ period so it may be a different story during peak season. But I’m sure, as with all things, there are certain times of day you can show up before the crowds arrive and I do recommend trying to get there before anyone else and having your own personal water show!  

khun korn waterfall chiang raiHad the waterfall to ourselves! 

I highly recommend a visit to Khun Korn waterfall in Chiang Rai, a powerful and impressive natural sight in pretty surroundings. It is really nature at its best. 

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