Where to get your Canon SLR camera fixed in Chiang Mai. (Error 30)

Where to get a Canon SLR fixed in Chiang Mai when a Broken Camera Halts Play

The dreaded Error 30 flashed up at us defiantly on our Canon 5D MK2, our main camera and work horse.  Pushed to work beyond its means, with no sign of us relenting it decided to make a stand.  Taking one last image before the shutter closed its eyes for good.

canon slr error 30
Game Over – Getting a Canon SLR fixed in Chiang Mai

We scoured forums for home fixes, taking out the battery and memory cards again and again with no luck.  We even tried to un-jam the shutter mechanism with an ear bud but it just wasn’t playing anymore. 

There was nothing for it but to take it to the Canon service center in Chiang Mai where the team of experienced technicians could work their magic and restore life to our beloved and essential piece of kit.

canon service centre

We left the camera with them while they checked out the problems and rang us a day later with a quote and informed us of the work required.
They had to send our camera off to Bangkok as they didn’t have the required parts in Chiang Mai, but less than a week later it was back in our hands in perfect working order with the old shutter accompanying it in the box, just to prove they had done what they said they would.

A brand new shutter had been installed and a full internal clean came to the grand total of 6719 baht (135GBP) with a 3 month warranty.

where to get canon slr fixed in chiang mai
Working once again, with the old shutter

The Canon Service center is on Rat Chiang Sean Road, on the South East corner of the moat in the old city.  The staff we dealt with spoke English and we had no problems at all.

canon service center chiang mai

I highly recommend going here if ever you have a problem with your Canon or if you are looking for somewhere to fix your camera.
canon service center canon service center

I have heard that if your Canon is still under the original warranty, they will repair it for free.  As long as the damage is not in violation of the terms and conditions stated on your papers.  

We’re very happy to have our Canon with us once again, like new.
Now it’s time to get back to work…

canon service center
146/8-9 Rat Chiang Sean Road, Haiya Sub District, Muang District, Chiang Mai, 50100
Tel. No: 053-282-466
Email: chiangmai_cmt@cmt.canon.co.th
GPS Co-Ordinates (for sat nav users): 18.7808,98.991137

Opening Times:
Monday to Friday,  08:15 – 17:15.  Closed on public holidays.

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