Yi Peng Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai Thailand 2014

Yi Peng Lantern Festival Dates Chiang Mai 2014

We’ve been informed by local Chiang Mai sources that the real (and free) local Buddhist ‘Yee Peng / Yi Peng’ lantern release at Mae Jo University Chiang Mai will be on October 25, 2014. Here is a link to the official announcement: Yi Peng Mass Lantern Release (Free) Dates announcement

The paid and ticketed International event is on November 08, 2014. Priced from 3000 THB to 4500THB per person.

imageYi Peng Festival- An attentive staff member before the sun set
imageA pic of our friends first time at the Yi Peng Maejo Lantern Release

What we experienced at the real Lanna Yi Peng FestivalimageSach releasing her first sky lantern

The Yi Peng Festival in Chiang Mai was one of the most unforgettable sights we have ever seen. Over 10,000 sky lanterns (locally known as khom loi) are released in unison and the sky becomes aflame in a brilliant orange glow of fire. No where else on earth do they perform a release as large and majestic as this one. Which explains why people travel from all across the world to be there for this special event. After the lantern release fireworks explode into the sky met with gasps from the crowds. You can read more about our experience, see photos and learn what you need to know about the Yi Peng Sky Lantern festival here.

imageAfter the grand release the monks have their own ceremony

Watch the short Yi Peng Festival Videos that we made.

Chiang Mai Hotels Near to Yi Peng Lantern Festival 2014

If you’ve read our Yi Peng festival tips you’ll have heard that the traffic (humans and vehicles both) leaving the event is outrageous. So we listed some of the nearest hotels to the festival to make the experience a little easier on the soul 😉

Maejo Golf Resort & Spa Le Saichan Maejo Chiang Mai Perfect Resort Poi Doi @ WehoMe Hotel Ban Phraya Lanna Apartments Mild Sign Residence Golden Cupids Hotel

You will find the official launching spot of the Yi Peng Festival behind Mae Jo University.This map shows the exact location where the lanterns are released.

View Yi Peng Festival 10000 Sky Lantern Release Mae Jo University in a larger map

Note* To find out the real dates for upcoming Yi Peng Festivals – Follow this Page on Facebook The official dates are often posted here in Thai and English when they are confirmed.

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