ALIVE In Portugal 2 Years Later

This is the life of Story Ember El-Haj, Alive In Portugal for 2 years now. We are releasing this video as a birthday special montage of all the amazing moments we’ve had as parents to this amazing child who came into our world and changed everything.

We knew we were having a girl and we moved to Portugal to start a new life as parents. We mean that in a literal sense because we were also making a new life, by having our first child. At the time we referred to her as ‘our little story’ so when it came to chosing her name. Story was the perfect choice. All of Story’s grandparents came to visit in her first month, by month two she was at the top of mountains with us, 3 months in and uncles Omar and Kam came to visit to compete for her love. By 4 months old she was already traveling Europe, through Bilbao to the UK to see more family. Story stole the hearts of everybody she met, and as the months passed by we just felt more and more love for this happy child. The milestones came thick and fast and on her 15th month she gave us the perfect gift. She walked for the first time in the most amazing home in Porto Covo. Story is the happiest child we’ve ever seen, and she is the next generation of life in this world. We can only hope that we’ve given her the best that we could possibly give. She has taught us what it feels like to truly be alive.

Sacha, Jmayel, Story & Eden are a young Vegan family LIVING IN PORTUGAL. Creating a calm, realistic DAILY VLOG with no shouting or screaming. Just real sounds and real life. New videos every weekday. Find Out More About Us On Our WEBSITE:

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