Expats in Chiang Mai (เชียงใหม่) Thailand – 8MFH EP3

Expats in Chiang Mai เชียงใหม่ – Episode 3 sees our travelling trio experiencing the reality of emigration to Chiang Mai in Thailand. It’s not all plain sailing as some might believe.

Sacha, Jmayel & Eden El-haj give you a cinematic insight into what can actually happen when you uproot your entire life and move country.

In 3 weeks they have had to tackle numerous time consuming tasks such as;

-Renting a house in Thailand
-Buying a car in Thailand
-Finding a mechanic in Thailand
-Shopping for household equipment in Thailand
-Learning Thai to communicate with the Thai Locals

& many more issues that will be covered in later episodes and explained in greater detail on our blog:
Equipment we use: http://8milesfromhome.tumblr.com/equipment

-Music by Dan-O at http://www.DanoSongs.com

Special Credit to Dan-O at DanonSongs.com who provided the music for this episode in return for credit to his work. We need more creatives like him!

PS apologies for the poor audio in some sections of this episode, it’s very difficult to record clean sound in a busy Thai neighbourhood! lol

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