LIVING IN THAILAND- Our Vlog, Our Work, Our Home, Our Dog (ADITL BTL EP1)

Expat Vlog: Living in Chiang Rai Thailand. ‘A Day In The Life’ is our new series of videos showing you a more in depth insight into life in North Thailand as young Expats.
This is the first episode of ‘ADITL Behind The Lens’, where we show you the worlds most beautiful toilet building, explain our new concept of content and show you a different perspective of our latest video projects.
In this Vlog we show you one of the new ideas we are going to be filming, which is to show you interesting parts of Thailand in Real Time. Uncut shots of landmarks, roads, intersections and places. We intend to shoot from angles that you probably wouldn’t expect, to give you a deeper sense of what places are really like before you visit yourself.
We also show you more of our life on the rural Banana farm in Chiang Rai Thailand and you get to see our beautiful Cocker Spaniel Eden getting up to mischief and being a general delight.
In ‘Future Behind The Lens’ episodes you will get to see some of the tips and techniques we implement in the production of our cinematic ‘8 miles from home’ episodes, alongside amusing everyday occurrences that can happen to a young couple living in Thailand with their dog in rural Thailand.
‘A Day In The Life’ was created to show you a more realistic view of our expat life in North Thailand. But our passion for film making will always lead back to our classic ‘8 miles from home’ cinematic style. If you enjoyed watching this, be sure to check out our flag ship series 8 Miles From Home for a cinematic travel experience that you are unlikely to forget.

– Watch The Trailer:

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