MADEIRA This Island Is INTENSE 🌴 Full Travel Day With Kids

MADEIRA Island has really blown our minds! Today was a Full Travel Day With Kids from the North to the South of Madeira.
We started from Ponta Delgada where the skies were dramatic and cloudy, then headed through the mountain tunnels to Ponta Do Sol, the sunniest spot on the whole of Madeira.
Story our daughter had fun climbing over all the rocky beaches before we headed to Cabo Girao the highest sea cliff in Europe to walk on the glass walkway!
Story bought a lizard toy from two friendly ladies and then we ended the day exploring Camara de Lobos, a pretty little harbour town on the south coast.
One thing we said to each other a lot, was that This Island Is INTENSE , Intensely beautiful that is. The views are so packed together and so diverse that it’s like being in 4 countries within an hour.
We love it 😀


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